Is Disney Abandoning California?

Is Disney Abandoning California?

There was an all hands emergency meeting at Disney Animation Studios Burbank.

They started the meeting by telling the animators that no one at Burbank was being laid off. Which probably means that everyone is being laid off.

It turns out that the Moana 2 movie that Bob Iger announced last night is going to be made by a surprise studio that just sprang into existence in Vancouver British Columbia with a staff of 400. Seemingly overnight so far the as the studio in Burbank is concerned.

The only reason the Burbank animators found out about this studio is that the director of Moana 2 made an instagram post that he wasn’t supposed to.

I suspect this is Mickey the Great and Terrible retaliating against the Burbank for delivering such a bad movie with Wish. This despite the fact that it was the DEI policies Disney has imposed that created this failure. These are some of the dumbest policy decisions a major organization has implemented since Chairman Mao abolished the Red Army’s rank structure 1965.

Aside from the usual moronic restrictions about how characters who are high on the DEI can only be portrayed positively, which means the audience knows the plot of any story from beginning to end the moment a character comes on screen, Disney DEI has now decreed that only animators that match a character’s race, gender, body dysphoria and every other thing on their retard’s wish list to Santa Claus can work on that character.

As bad as the story was on Strange World the animation was competent. Wish on the other hand was baby’s first animated sequence. It was awful. Veggie Tales was doing better work than that twenty years ago.

Consequently, Burbank being punished for this disaster is akin to Stalin ordering the tank factories to triple their output and then shooting the tank crews when their T-34s broke down.

Off shoring this to Woke-ass Canada gets Disney in the clear from the maggots that are feeding on Disney’s carcass. If they opened a new studio in Spain or worse South Korea, then its move against Burbank would have been unforgivable to the gods of DEI. But sending the work to the Great Woke North is just fine.

Iger is trying to pretend he’s found the new Don Bluth in Moana’s new director is both funny, sad and desperate.

Meet David Derrick jr.

Why yes, he is Samoan. How did you know?

And if you didn’t know, da fuq were you expecting?

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