Weekend Open Thread

Weekend Open Thread

Post about whatever you want so long as it is related to pop culture.

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I gave Resident Alien season 1 a rating of Recommends with Enthusiasm.

I am reducing my rating for season 2 to Does Not Recommend.

Seriously, don’t bother. Clearly, the showrunner has been replaced, and this comedy is now just a bunch SJW “clapper material.” It feels like something Bad Reboot made for the CW. It’s that freaking awful.



And speaking of Bad Reboot. It’s retarded little brother, Secret Hideout has chosen the actor to play non-bianry bi-curious James Kirk.

Vampire Diaries alumnist Paul Wesley has been cast for the part.

The thing you need to remember about any of these CW mopey teen drama actors is that the CW has a very specific casting doctrine for their male leads. 1.They have to be pretty. 2.(prime) they have to be fairly untalented as actors.

That is a deliberate policy decision. They don’t want their pretty boy to get the lead in a mainstream motion picture.

“Oh wow! You’ve got an audition for the new Martin Scorsese film Paul!?!? (* giggle…giggle*) Break a leg kid! I’m s-u-r-e you’ll land the part! (*giggle…snort…giggle*)

He looks like he’s 90 lbs soaking wet. Take a look at picture they released, they had to give him padded shoulders. Oh well, it wasn’t like I was going pollute my eyes with it anyway.

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