About Us

Arkhaven’s mission is to help bring creative visions to life

Arkhaven will publish comic books and develop games and produce movies that represent creative people bringing original projects to life, and that connect people around creative projects and the creative process.

Arkhaven will care for the health of its creative ecosystem and the integrity of its systems.

Arkhaven will engage beyond its walls with the greater issues and conversations affecting artists and creators.

Arkhaven’s operations will reflect its values.

Arkhaven will never sell user data to third parties. It will zealously defend the privacy rights and personal data of the people who use its service, including in its dealings with government entities.

Arkhaven’s terms of use and privacy policies will be clear, fair, and transparent. Kickstarter will not cover every possible future contingency, or claim rights and powers just because it can or because doing so is industry standard.

Arkhaven will seek to limit environmental impact by a) ensuring that an ebook option is always available and b) only printing books to meet the precise amount of demand for them, thereby eliminating the wasteful practice of remaindering unsold books.