Oh No

Disney is reviving Futurama and they are already screwing it up.

The voice of Bender is NOT going to be the voice of Bender. John DiMaggio is officially out of the project for some retarded Disney reason.

Katy Sagel appears to be signed to play Leela but for crying out loud she’s 68. Sure I’ve loved her work in the past but she is nearly seventy and that is going to show in her voice. Throaty, sexy doesn’t work at her age.

The first run of Futurama was one of my favorite shows of all time. It was a great little science-fiction comedy. The premise was stolen but it still worked. Thanks to an accident Phillip J. Fry got to leave his crappy world behind and live a Buck Rogers existence. Sure you knew he was a loser but deep down inside you had to envy him just a little.

Then because Fox always made bad decisions it got canceled.

A few years later, it was revived but sadly it was revived on Comedy Central. At first, the production company seemed to like being back in business and was producing high-quality work but sadly Comedy Central tore the heart out of it. It was South Park that put CC on the map and you can pretty much spot the point where the showrunner started getting a barrage of notes from their new overlords demanding the show be “more edgy. And quit being so brainy, our viewers are dumb as hell stoners.” You can also see the pretty much where the writers gave up and just started grinding out unfunny fart joke material.

Although, once the production company had been informed they were canceled and could stop paying attention to notes, it started being funny and intelligent again. It even had a decent little finale. It was a nice end to the show.

And there was absolutely no need for any more of it.

Which didn’t stop Mickey the Great and Terrible’s necromancers from performing the unholy rites that would bring Futurama back from the dead.

It’s 2022, and we all know what that means. This is going to the Pet Cemetery version of Futurama. It’s coming back but it is going to come back wrong.

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