Meet Apocalypse Elton John

Meet Apocalypse Elton John

A24 studios hasn’t been terrible in the past. Truth be told they’ve got some good movies under their belt like Ex Machina and Everything, Everywhere All at Once.

Civil War is clearly not going to be one of these good ones. I honestly don’t know what the story is but the trailer looks utterly ridiculous.

The first line is that 19 states have seceded from the United States. The Western Alliance is lead by California and… TEXAS?!?!?

Anyway here’s the stupid trailer.

You will note the sniper is male and wears nail polish.

As expected, this trailer got SJWs digging ups old memes about how fat guys in MAGA hats hiding in the woods are no match for F-15 Strike Eagles. The retardary is honestly a bit frightening.

They don’t understand the fundamentals of this kind of a war. The rebels in this case will have access… easy access to United States currency, population centers, electrical infrastructure, transportation infrastructure, internet infrastructure. All of which is bad enough. But they are thinking in terms of Red versus Blue states. Go to the Imperial Valley in California and you will see nothing but MAGA flags.

The opening positions will look something like this.

On the other hand Civil War the movie looks like it will be good for a laugh apocalypse Elton John is already a meme.

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