What’s Bad Reboot Wrecking Now?

What’s Bad Reboot Wrecking Now?

The answer, of course is, everything it touches.  Although you might want some specifics.

Or you might not as they are likely to prove heartbreaking but forewarned is forearmed. 

You already knew that Superman is in the process of being destroyed by J.J Abrams.  I am reasonably certain that a big part of reason that Abrams is going with black Supes is his standard practice of making sure that all characters are “noticeably 25% different.”  This lets J.J. have a big slice of all the merchandise that comes out one of his productions.  I know why he keeps doing this, he gets paid when Toys R’ Us or whoever buys the toys from Hasbro.  If they sit on the shelves forever, it’s not his problem.  It is a little surprising that since this is exactly what has happened every time, since Star Trek (2009) that Hasbro is still willing to accept the orders. But I suppose that’s their problem.  It is no longer Toys R Us’ problem since they had to shut down their stores after The Rise of Skywalker came out.

I know there are a lot of people who wonder, why do the studios keep hiring him?  

The answer is simple enough, his movies are garbage, but they haven’t bombed yet.  I know that Rise of Skywalker only made half of what The Force Awakens did but that just gave J.J. the argument of, “Hey, Roundhead Ryan made such a complete mess out of the Last Jedi that the next movie shouldn’t have made a dime.  I’m the guy who got it over the $1 billion mark. I’m the hero here.”  And until his movies start bombing, this will continue to work for him.  He only has to keep jumping from one established franchise to the next in order to keep this shell game going.

Next subject:

Did you know there is a Halo TV series currently in production at Paramount?  

Did you know that Secret Hideout is producing it?  

You didn’t know, but now you died inside a little?

I can’t blame you.  I’m really not into Halo at all but I feel so bad for its fans.  This thing is going to be dead on arrival if Alex Kurtzman has anything to do with it at all, and he will.  And he is, it’s official.  So standby for completely Woke Halo.

I do feel your pain because Kurtzman’s next target is…(*deep barrel chested sigh*) Babylon 5.

Yes, they are in talks.

Okay, I’m done here.

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