Blogs and Ends: July 13th

Blogs and Ends: July 13th

All across the West, there is a crisis of legitimacy.

The people running all of our major institutions from universities to national law enforcement to news media to the military to environmental government agencies are now intensely distrusted by huge swaths of the general population. 

Goebbels only ever rolled out the Big Lie on special occasions.   It honestly wasn’t an everyday occurrence in Nazi Germany or, for that matter, Soviet Russia.  Goebbels knew better and so did Stalin.  Telling Big Lies every day would wash out the foundations their regimes were built on.  

Today’s institutions are nowhere near as smart as the Nazis or the Communists.  

They do it constantly.  

I loved the third step.  Sign up for only the most official of official proclamations that will come from a cellular phone network that can not possibly survive an atomic event. 

Seriously, the Iron Giant had a better, “survive the atomic holocaust plan.”

You’ll note the NYC official video said nothing about storing your own food.  Because they expect you to call GitHub.

You have probably wondered, how the hell can the people running today’s institutions uphold sixteen contradictory opinions at the same time?  They don’t for the most part, they are just terrified of social media. So, they fervently claim, they Believe in Thing. Without ever breathing a word in public that indicates they don’t.  

Although, In the long run, they do end up actually believing as much of it as they can.  This is called being in a cult.

I had my own run-in with one of those.

Reflecting on that time of my life got me curious about what martial arts cults are like today.  That was assuming they existed at all in any serious way. Sadly, it turns out they do.

First let’s take a look at the classic martial arts cults, like I kind I was stupid enough to get sucked into when I was kid.

Now at least I had the excuse of having been a dumbass little kid.  Yet, I am forever running into adults, some of whom are far gone in middle age that insist on believing that Steven Segal is this totally badass and utterly legit martial arts, grand master.  Despite the gigantic beer gut and an official record of 0 bouts and 0 wins. 

These are the same retards that refuse to admit that there is no Shaolin priest meditating in a cave in China who hasn’t heard about MMA.  And that is the only reason he never stepped into the Octogen and mopped the floor with Fedor Emelianenko.

Grand Master Po never did that because… He. Does. Not. Exist.

Although truthfully these geezer grifters are mostly snowing the people who are utterly determined to get snowed.

What was kind of sad to me was discovering there is a new breed out there:

No, this Irish guy isn’t me.  I swear he isn’t.

I’ll be feeling better tomorrow. See you then.

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