Friday Night Open Thread – The Star Wars LARP Edition

Friday Night Open Thread – The Star Wars LARP Edition


You know the rules by now. If you don’t then ask one of my regular Darklings in the comments.

Not much lead-in material tonight.

An elderly relative trusted the nice young man on the phone from India to the tune of $30K.  I’m going to be spending most of the night cleaning this mess up.


The embargo on Star Wars Galactic Cruise reviews has been lifted. As I said, there won’t be any honest reviews for a few weeks.  Except those honest reviews won’t have any video footage, because Disney won’t allow that for “unhosted” (nice phrase) reviews.

But here is some of the “hosted” stuff.

I don’t think the troopers can see out of those helmets.

In case you are wondering. One of the few things they managed to get to work was the lightsaber… kind of. It will look impressive upon activation BUT the blade is about as flimsy as a tape measurer. It would be impossible to fight with it hence the need for the switch. I’m just surprised by how clumsy the switch was. I was also stunned by how weak the fight choreography was. I’ve seen much better at Medieval Times.

This is the Fifth Element ripoff singer. Although props to the Rodian who is giving it everything she’s got in that rubber mask.

Once you read a couple of these things you know the pattern. The first thing they all mention is the exorbitant price. Standard sales tactic. Always acknowledge a drawback but then redirect the prospect’s attention to the “big picture.”

The actors appear to be bringing their A-game. The food is probably about as good as a AAA 4 Diamond restaurant. And you are still Star Wars LARPing in a concrete bunker for $6K. Hard pass.


Not bad. I’m glad somebody at LucasFilm remembered the Holocrons.


Now, this is rather intriguing.

The week before last some early arrival influencers were sent on four and six-hour run-throughs as a special “one time only” event. Then they got to do the full two-night experience with everybody else last week.

I am willing to bet that this was NOT a one-time event. The performers barely know their lines as it is, so you wouldn’t want to throw them a major change like that this close to game day. I strongly suspect this is a practice session for a possible big change in six months.

“Big changes are coming to the Star Wars Galactic Cruiser. The two night stays are going to be on Friday through Sunday from now on.

But in order to make these Wonderful, Magical, Amazing, Startling, Stunning, Magical (wait I said that one already) experiences accessible to all Star Wars fans we will now be running these storylines on Monday through Thursday on reduced 4 (or 6) hour schedules. And these will be priced to fit the budget of all Star Wars (with an annual income of $75,000 and above)!

Because we at Disney World love all of our fans, no matter what the dolls in the It’s Small World ride say.  

They can’t talk!

And if they could you wouldn’t want listen to what comes out their mouths.  

Trust us on this point, you really, really wouldn’t.

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