Well, Gencon Is Shot

Well, Gencon Is Shot

You wouldn’t see that this year.


The collection of virtue signaling SJW twat waffles that run Gencon have announced that masks will now be required at the biggest tabletop gaming convention in the world.

Gencon was owned by TSR for years, so it got snapped up by WotC with everything else when Lorraine Williams finally augered that company into the ground.

When GamerGate blew up big Gencon greedily grasped at the opportunity for progressive pants wetting by making Anita (I can’t tell Fallout from Doom) Sarkeesian the guest of honor. A few three-hundred-pound, purple-haired Tumblrina types eagerly attended her panel, thus sparing gamers their body odor in the dealer room, while giving Sarko a thoroughly undeserved ego boost by comparing her own only moderately defective looks with the severely dysfunctional female esthetic appeal of women who are so malignantly repulsive they are about to give up on being women altogether.

That was acceptable to everyone.

However this year, after declaring the window for refunds closed they announced a mask mandate, and if they can get their way it won’t end with masks.

From Bounding into Comics:

The Gen Con president then reiterated, “Mask wearing at Gen Con will be required at all times while indoors or in crowded outdoor areas for all Gen Con attendees, exhibitors, event organizers, and staff.”

He did add the caveat, “If you have a documented medical reason that prevents you from wearing a mask you may present documentation at the Special Services kiosk and we will make necessary accommodations (face shield, etc., as appropriate).”

“You may have seen other conventions moving forward with proof of vaccination policies; many of these are based on state or local mandates, which provide legal grounds for requiring vaccinations. While we fully support vaccination requirements, we must do so with the backing of our legal and health safety partners in order to move forward,” he continued.

Hoppe then stated, “To be clear: as we continue to speak with our legal and health partners we may make vaccinations mandatory for attendance and we’ll alert you if that occurs.”

Translation, if we can get away with it, we will require all attendees to pay the Death Vaxx.

I knew I would get here sooner or later.

Fuck you, Gencon.

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