The Groomiest Place on Earth

The Groomiest Place on Earth

PedoMouse has dropped the mask completely.  

They can’t really control themselves anymore.  They’ve stopped trying and have announced that Disney is now officially pro-grooming.  Disney has publicly declared that it is going to be pushing to have Florida’s anti-grooming law repealed. 

And it doesn’t end there.

Why take the word of a far-right looney like me when you can hear what Disney executives have in mind for your children out of their own mouths.

The following are leaks from the Reimagine Tomorrow meetings that Disney just held in response to the anti-grooming law.

These people aren’t nobodies they are very senior executives inside Disney.

This woman is such a great parent she already has one kid that is “Trans” and another who is pansexual. And you have to love how she invokes motherhood as a magic word that will let her play Helen Lovejoy in the name of corrupting everyone else’s kids and not just her own.

50% LGBTASDFQWERTY isn’t representation, it’s brainwashing.

Disney is officially going to war against traditional family values.

And the place they intend to start is Florida.

Some Florida congressmen are now discussing revoking Disney World’s town charter.  Disney only got that in the first place because EPCOT was originally supposed to be an actual city.  Well, they never built it and therefore have no real right to the privileges of a municipality.  It should therefore be governed by Orange County like any other business.

And Disney has no right to tell Florida how to raise its children.


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