Girls Are Not Their Target Audience

Girls Are Not Their Target Audience

It’s interesting to try to pinpoint exactly who these mega-corporations in entertainment are trying to sell to. Back when the first feminism craze really hit in the 90s, it made a little bit of sense with attractive girls doing awesome things.

Maybe it didn’t make physical sense that a little blonde girl could beat up all these dudes, but from an audience perspective, one can clearly see why everyone would want to tune into it. Pretty girls sell. Always have, always will.

But now, DC Comics and their cohorts have made a push in a different, stunninger and braver direction.

Stunningly and bravely not being relatable to any normal person, that is. It’s clear the target audience isn’t girls anymore, it’s mentally ill, overweight, diabetes-ridden, “don’t assume my gender”-ers.

Are there really enough of them to keep this business model going, though?

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