DC Comics SLASHING Its Titles

DC Comics SLASHING Its Titles

Imagine you’re a DC Comics creator. You have a contract for your book, you’re enjoying your Christmas, and then March 2021 solicitations for books comes out. Your book isn’t on there.

It must be some mistake. No one told you your job was about to end, that DC is cutting its line by nearly half with only 39 items on the list compared to 62 books a year ago. You find out you’ve lost your job because it’s on the internet.

This is the ultimate end of SJW corporate comics. As DC rushes into repeating the exact mistakes Marvel made with its “Marvel Now!” initiative from years ago, replacing its popular characters with new, fresh, diverse and inclusive minority versions of them, they are pre-emptively dropping their line for its imminent destruction.

Bleeding Cool reports several creators have been “jettisoned” from their titles. It’s going to go off like a shock wave in the industry as a lot of this talent will be seeking work at the lower tier productions like IDW or Boom, which will then remove the lower-tier talents from the field.

I doubt the comic shop model will survive much longer in a reductionist phase, as there soon won’t be enough product to justify keeping these shops open.

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  • George Phillies Reply

    Some of the jettisoned talent may be looking for a job, and may be worth hiring.

    December 28, 2020 at 2:09 am
  • Bonesaw Reply

    Im constantly astonished by D.C., and the smaller companies, for the way they dump their own up and coming talent in favour of the very people who hollowed out Marvel and D.C., and drove away their long term fan base.

    It feels like a reality test for these organisations:
    Do you hire someone who will hurt your company, drive off your fans, and corrupt your established characters, all for the appearance of being more legitimate and being written about more favourably in woke media?
    Or stick with your own talent, help them grow, and maintain your fan base.
    It seems like a simple question with only one answer – but so many times we see the leaders make the wrong choice.

    They deserve to burn, and I hope we see Arkhaven grow significantly in 2021 to capatslze on the death spasms of D.C.
    By the time they stop twitching and finally die, we should see the first effects of the cancerous content creators damaging the smaller publishers who foolishly scoop them up.
    By then, we should start to see Marvel finally be hit by the consequences of its actions too.

    On a different note, it’s going to be kind of hilarious to see D.C. licence out its characters to other publishers, just as the self same writers, artists, and editors who ruined them at D.C. turn up to work for the smaller publishers.
    We could see the same writers work on the same characters at multiple publishers – and each time help drive the fools to the brink of destruction – and beyond.

    December 29, 2020 at 7:00 am
  • Uncle John’s Band Reply

    It’s interesting how comics went from shoestring, sales-dependent publications with broad circulation to niche IP wings of giant globalist corporations sitting in dollar boxes. How did not needing to make money is an underrated issue. It turns the direction from customer-driven to mandate-driven.

    Independent creators with audiences like you are way closer to a GA model than modern distribution channels show. Even the word comics hides that there are two different things here. The husk is dying. Your future keeps looking better.

    December 29, 2020 at 9:10 am

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