Okay, I’m Back

Okay, I’m Back

Only slightly worse for wear.

Reader Chief_Tuscaloosa writes: “In the future, when Vox Day has bought the Superman franchise for $1, I look forward to issue AV (after Vox) #1: “Superman, The Illegal Alien with Super-powers: He Has To Go Back.

Not worth the dollar.  

Part of the reason DC is doing this, is so they can turn things over to Jon Kent because 11 years Clark Kent goes into the Public Domain. So they’d like to shoo him off stage.  

I’m positive that big media will try to change the Public Domain law. A lot of older characters are coming up on the deadline. Mickey Mouse for example goes into the Public Domain in two years. Big Media has been successful in and changing this law before. They should have no trouble getting one of their pet congresswretches to slip in an extension into a budget reconciliation bill. The thing is that they settled for 95 years last time for a reason. Once you cross the century mark it is a lot more likely to get shot down in the courts. It will only take one judge to say, you’ve gone too far, copyright was never meant to be eternal.

Consequently, it makes sense to plan for a future where Superman is no longer protected.  In eleven years anyone can use Superman provided you don’t violate the trademark (which is a separate matter). So, create a new character that is under copyright protection and will be for decades to come.

The insane part is what they are doing with his successor.  

They honestly can’t stop themselves. When having to create a new character these days the first thing a mainstream comic book writer HAS to do is pull out the Woke Character Matrix and start checking boxes.

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