Trailer Drop Thursday on Wednesday

Trailer Drop Thursday on Wednesday

Tonight’s post was supposed to be the fourth part of my three-part series on The Death of Disney Animation.

But it’s a little underbaked.

So tonight I’m getting caught up on trailers.

First up

Avatar: The Last Airbender.

This fantastic little faux-anime series from Nichealodean was all the rage… Oh my Glob, twenty years ago. This franchise had what would be the biggest glow down in history if wasn’t for Disney Everything.

The first live-action film was from god’s perfect one-trick pony M. Night Shalaman. Featured incomprehensible rewrites of… Well everything to include the pronunciation of Ang’s name. It was a bit of a preview of horrors to come because the producer on this was Kathleen Kennedy.

Korra pretty much killed any interest that was left for this IP with her first words, “I’m the Avatar! You gotta deal with it!”

We didn’t. So, they turned her into a lesbian to save face. It did guarantee a certain audience that would always claim it was good.

I first heard about this Netflix reboot right after Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon dropped, to say I was less optimistic than I am for the Mando and Baby Yoda movie would be pretty accurate.

I’m wondering if I was wrong.


Netflix Spaceman.

Premise: As an astronaut sent to the edge of the solar system to collect mysterious ancient dust finds his earthly life falling to pieces, he turns to the only voice who can help him try to put it back together. It just so happens to belong to a creature from the beginning of time lurking in the shadows of his ship.

This stars freaking Adam Sandler and it still looks good. This is two things that look good!

What the hell happened to you Netflix?!?!?!


This next is the trailer for Spy X Family: Code White.

If you don’t love Spy X Family, I understand.

But I can’t help you and I’m not here for you.

In any case, I’m willing to bet and even pay up that it will be better than the next James Bond movie.


Demon Slayer’s newest movie. 

I understand if you don’t want to go but you’re kids may start badgering you about this one if it’s in your area so you should at least find out what the fuss is about.


Game trailer for Palworld.


Because Neil Cuckman over at Naughty Dog seems to be upset by its success which is enough to get me in its corner on general freaking principle.

Finally, I couldn’t not post this one. It’s for Bollywood Top Gun.

Top Gun Maverick proved that there was still a market for hyper-patriotic American movies. Twenty years ago Hollywood would have jumped on this trend with both feet. Today they would rather pull out their own teeth with red hot pliers than make money off of something like that.

So, the Indians are doing it instead. It stars Hrtick Roshan who blew the doors off twenty years ago with Jodhaa Akbar and Dhoom 2. He’s still going strong today and I suppose it’s fair to call him the Hindustani Tom Cruise.

Hopefully, I can steal time to put a coat of polish on what was supposed to be tonight’s post.

See you tomorrow.

Okay, I’m done here.

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