It’s Canceled! The Owl House

It’s Canceled! The Owl House

When you are fighting a guerilla culture war you have to take your Ws where you can find them and in truth, they are going to be kind of small. But nonetheless, when you have a small win it’s still a win.

This first part is a repost from the old Dark Herald. Labor Day, 2020.

“A while back I had given a grudging Cataline Recommends to the Disney Channel series, the Owl House. The reason was simple enough, it was, a good for a couple of laughs per episode show. Not as good a Gravity Falls but it was in that vein. Although as a Christian, I found it disconcerting that the program insisted on referring to the creatures of that world as “demons.” If the creator had called them “monsters,” I wouldn’t have batted an eye.

My Recommends With Reservations, my rating is now dropped to Does Not Recommend. 

Reason: Luz (the protagonist) was originally shown to be an off-beat and over-the-top fan of a series of Harry Potter-ish books called the Good Witch Azura. And she had a brief crush on Neverith the prince of Angst-more (yes, I laughed at the name), which indicated she was straight. That isn’t good enough for today’s Woke-As-Fuck-No-Matter-What-Doomcock-Seems-To-Think Disney.

There was a female character named Amity, who was the standard high school pretty and popular-insecure-mean-girl trope. Then over the course of three episodes went from enemy to friend and then (gag) love interest for the suddenly bisexual (and 14-year-old) Luz. 

This show went from reasonably decent to awful almost overnight because of Woke. And it’s all because of Amity’s sudden girlish stuttering and blushing around Luz. The cringe is absolutely and utterly unwatchable. I literally can’t look at it because I roll my eyes every time it happens

Disney has canceled The Owl House.

The screaming of the Cartoon Stans has commenced and holy crap it is deafening. Honestly, of all the obnoxious Stans out there, Cartoon Shipper Stans are easily the worst. These are the proto-SJWs still in their early teens and they are just now learning how to be truly malignant human beings in that hideous training ground hilariously misnamed “social media.”

Let’s be clear it’s not the little kid shows that bring out the bad, it’s the cartoons designed for a young adult audience. As weird as SJWs get with time, past a certain age they mostly stop caring about which cartoons are screwing each other.

Teens with ANTIFA posters on the wall are a different matter. They care with a desperate if warped passion. This is the group that will identify as gender non-conforming before they are freshmen in community college.

I called this one right a year ago: Free advice to all producers. Shippers are a disaster. If you listen to this tiny but loud and Woke segment you will kill your audience. If the guys who run Supernatural had listened to the shippers, a show with a fifteen-year run would have ended after two because Dean had started fucking his own brother.”

UPDATE: Oooo, this one is bringing the Gamma males out of the woodwork. They mad at me.

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