Disney World’s Self Rule Has Ended

Disney World’s Self Rule Has Ended

I’d seen it repeatedly but never had a clue what RC stood for

The Reedy Creek Improvement District has now been formally dissolved and with it the Walt Disney company’s insane self-rule privileges. 

Given that WDW covers two counties and various precedents of settled Florida law, the creation of a new one was unavoidable.  You will note that at no time did I ever say there wouldn’t be a Special Taxation District covering Walt Disney World’s property.

The press is desperately trying to spin the creation of the new special tax district as a major win for Bob Iger and Disney.  It’s not.

This a press release by DeSantis and is a little sunny but it is essentially correct.

This is giving Ron DeSantis a little too much credit.

The real author of this act was always Bob Iger.

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