Arkhaven Spotlight: Flying Sparks Crowd Funder

Arkhaven Spotlight: Flying Sparks Crowd Funder

BUMPED: Sept 11, 2023.

Jon Del Arroz’s Flying Sparks is coming to you in comic book format, provided you support it. There is only ONE DAY left in this campaign!

Meta-Girl fights a KRAKEN!


Plus an incredible origin!

All of this and more in Flying Sparks: The Companion! Back today!

Flying Sparks chronicles the story of Meta-Girl who’s dating supervillain Johnny Benvinuti under her secret identity, while the world is threatened by a crazy tyrant who unleashes interdimensional aliens on Los Angeles!

The story went for 15 issues and raised more than $140,000.  It’s been hailed as some of the best superhero comics in the modern era, bringing back the storytelling of classic Marvel/DC from the 80s-90s.

Now, for the first time in a collected edition, you can get the 3 issues of comics that build the Flying Sparks universe and unveil the answers to several reader questions!

The Flying Sparks companion will be 80 pages of story plus bonus content. It also features a beautiful cover by Injustice / Shadow of the Conqueror artist Mike. S. Miller:

Unleash the Kraken preview art by Jethro Morales

Like I said, there is only one day left, so pony up cheapskates and support something awesome!!!


This is a title of ours that has really kind of grown on me since Arktoons first launched a bit over two years ago.

This Jon Del Arroz title was one of our plank owner titles. It was on Arktoons the day we launched.

The reason I’ve grown so fond of it, is that once you get into it, Flying Sparks really does feel like the old Marvel comic books. I’m talking about, l-o-n-g before the Woke suck invaded, metastasized, and destroyed Marvel. It reminds me of the days when Stan Lee ran the show and Marvel was called the House of Ideas for a reason.

Anyway, about this title that I like so much.

Chloe and Johnny are a perfect couple.  Both are young, career-oriented and seem to be much more financially stable than is typical for Millennials. That isn’t to say that they don’t have disagreements.


What couple doesn’t?


Although, they do have one fundamental problem.  She’s a superhero…

And he’s a supervillain.  

Chloe Anderson is a physics student by day, a hard-working, smart girl who’s close with her mad scientist professor, working with him as a teacher’s assistant. She also moonlights as the superhero, Meta-Girl. Johnny Benvinutti comes from a well-established Italian crime family and recently found he has the ability to shoot lightning from his hands. He runs his operation out of a coffee shop front business. When the two of them meet, sparks fly on multiple levels. But will they be able to maintain their relationship while keeping secret lives from each other?

Flying Sparks by The premier Latino writer working in Speculative Fiction today, Jon Del Arroz

If you enjoy this or indeed any of our Arktoons, please consider supporting our creators.

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