This Is Incredibly Sad

This Is Incredibly Sad


Okay, this is the Clerks III trailer.

look at it.


That. Was. Awful.

Randall has a heart attack and makes Clerks. That’s the movie.

The jokes, if they could be called that, are entirely self-refential.

This is fucking tragic. Kevin Smith was once the voice of Generation X fandom. He was the guy with radical attitude who was telling George Lucas his prequel trilogy was complete crap. Now he’s a two dollar fan whore pretending the Last Jedi was the Citizen Kane of Star Wars.

If he had stayed an indy film maker he could have kept being someone. People would have wanted to at least look at his low budget work just to supposrt him.

Instead he bought a pair of Everlast kneepads and started making the rounds at the studios. His entire existence now dependent on the ignorancace of Hollywood executives. They think he is the guy with all kinds of nerd-cred. So they hire him to cry on instagram while he claims the season three finale of Batwoman was the greatest thing ever.

He had no creative decsions at all on He-Man. None. That was all decided by the time he was brought on board. His only purpose was to be the pointman on marketing, contradict his previous statements about not liking He-Man as teenager, and burn up what was left of his fan-cred defending a Woke piece of shit.

His problems started when he married an unknown actress who thought she had gotten her hooks into the next Speilberg and was going to ride his coat tails to superstardom. He was a Christian (or at least a Catholic) and she was a vegitarian athiest. His career focus changed after she entered his life.

And the sad thing is that Hollywood wants absolutely nothing to do with him. They can barely be bothered to throw him a low budget bone like Clerks III. But the fans want nothing from Kevin Smith at all at this point. When the studios figure out they are wasting money on him, what is left of his career is over.

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