Is Velma Getting A Second Season?

Is Velma Getting A Second Season?

Depends on who you ask. I’ve been seeing claims that it is getting renewed all day. I just can’t find anything that looks like a real confirmation. Just YouTubers and access media reading each other’s headlines. The brighter ones are putting a question mark on the statement.

I’ve found no official announcement in Variety, or the Hollywood Reporter, and only a backhanded confirmation in Deadline.

Mind you I’m not saying it’s not getting a second season.

It still might.

Warner Brothers’ Woke as fuck CEO of the Warner Brothers’ Television Group, Channing Dungey absolutely loves Mindy Kaling and is pushing her hard.

Zaslav has the final say but past a certain point, he’s either got to back Dungey’s play or fire her. Frankly, she has had too many other successes this year to fire her over a pet project that is reviled by both critics and fans but had high ratings initially.

Dungey graduated high school with a 2.4 GPA and still got into UCLA where she picked up an entertainment degree. She went into the production end of things, got hired by ABC Studios, and in 2016 was promoted to President of ABC, where she immediately canceled the fairly successful Last Man Standing, fired Roseanne Barr, and then canceled Roseanne.

Yes her record was mixed but there was no way Bob Iger was going to fire her.

You’ve guessed why, haven’t you?

However, Iger wouldn’t have to after the FOX buyout, he could count on Peter Rice to do that for him.

She bailed before the ax fell and landed on Netflix in 2018 overseeing its Wokest slate of shows ever.

There is no question that Dungey has a Blood Hound’s nose for corporate survival. Anticipating Netflix’s post-pandemic collapse she jumped ship again back to Warner Brothers, where she landed in her current position. Although, she was reporting to Ann Sarnoff at the time.

She appears to have prepared an answer to Zaslav’s inevitable question: “What would you say you do here?” She survived when her boss didn’t and credit where it’s due, she was able to present her new overlord a winner in the form of House of the Dragon. Better yet House of the Dragon, (which admittedly was good), went head to head with Amazon’s The Rings of Power, (which was bad) and spanked the much more expensive competition.

After that, Zaslav is not going to shitcan her on the basis of her renewing an inexpensive turkey of a show with high ratings (at least for the first two episodes).

As for what the future holds for her, Amazon is on her horizon. She’s driving shows destined for Prime Video from the guys who made Hacks* . And new projects by, (you guessed it), Mindy Kaling herself.

Amazon will be a great fit for her and Kaling, the company is Woke as hell and Prime Video is a purse puppy vanity project for the company. It’s a perfect fit.

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*I’ve never seen it but it picked up a bunch of awards, Hollywood always loves shows about itself.

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