K/S To Be Made Kurtzman Trek Canon?

K/S To Be Made Kurtzman Trek Canon?

The OG of the slash fiction, Kirk/Spock gay porn, looks like it may well become a reality.

The rumor, and it looks pretty reliable to me, is that Spock is going gay in Strange New Worlds. The unrepentant Kurtzman Trek shill site; Inverse.com posted a “testing the waters” piece declaring that gay Spock is not only workable in future stories but if you really, really think about it, his secret fabulous life has always been canon. Always.

If they do that, then you know, you absolutely know, that Alex Kurtzman is going to throw Kirk and Spock in bed. There were already rumors going around that Kurtzman wanted to make Kirk bisexual. Nevermind, that Vulcans only show an interest once every seven years and there is no way in hell Kirk would wait that long. Alex Kurtzman needs this to happen.

Remember, Kurtzman has already killed the franchise. The audience at this. point consists entirely of Youtubers hate watching it and a smattering of Twitter Stan SJWs. So why care about viewers that don’t exist? Secret Hideout isn’t worried about making money because they already did that the moment Playmates signed the check to produce this season of Kurtzman Trek shows.

No, what Alex Kurtzman cares about is his reputation with The Club that runs Hollywood. He needs something to cause a stir and make the Woke Boomers who run Tinsel Town nod their heads approvingly. Gay Kirk and Spock will fit that bill perfectly.

I’m trying to work up any kind of reaction to this other than terminal ennui.

So far without result.

Okay, I’m done here.

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