Nathan Fillion Announced as Green Lantern

Nathan Fillion Announced as Green Lantern

Yeah, Gunn is doing something weird.

Fillion recently appeared in a walk-on cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol III. The Canadian actor is well known to genre fans starting with Firefly as Captain Mal Reynolds. He is best known to the normies as the mystery writer Castle.

He has had one other role as a superhero, the cowardly, bullying, Alpha male Captain Hammer.

I had noticed that Fillion had lost some of the pounds he’d gradually put on over the years in Guardians 3, at the time I had wondered if he was sick or dropping the weight for a part. I’ve got my answer.

Fillion will be playing the Schott Perfecto wearing Guy Gardener version of Green Lantern.

I’d go into Gardner’s past but at this point, it’s changed too many times for me to bother especially as Gunn is going to ignore all of them anyway. I suspect that Gunn picked Gardener specifically because of the four major Green Lanterns he is the most easy to significantly alter.

Jon Stewart is supposed to be the other GL but there is no word yet on who’s playing him.

James Gunn far prefers comedy which strongly indicates that Guy Gardner may well be turning into another Captain Hammer we’ll find out in 2025, assuming Warner Brothers isn’t sold before then.


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