Is Clark Kent Going Gay?

Is Clark Kent Going Gay?

Our entire species is going to be extinct after all. Well done Nancyboy.

REPOST: Superman: Son of Kal-El has been canceled at issue #18. This is a first for DC. A comic book with “Superman” in the title has been shitcanned.

This post was from August of 2021. Where I looked at DC’s need for a new Superman. However, the fundamental problem is that that ultimate aspirational American is now in a world where the chosen creative class hates America and all things truly American. They truly and simply can not create a successor to Clark Kent that will ring true with the public.

No, but Superman might be.

Here’s the rumor and it sounds very, very current year.

The toilet-wine-tier writers at DC Comics have absolutely no idea what to do with an aspirational hero like Kal-El of Krypton. Intrinsic goodness is something they simply have no frame of reference for. They are too hollow inside to have a basic sympathy with the fundamentals of the concept. In truth, they are actually repelled by it.

Although, I will grant them one thing.

The fact of the matter is that Clark Kent is the product of a world that no longer exists. Consider, he first appeared in 1938 and looked to be 30 years old. He would have arrived on Earth in 1908, and had living memories of the Great War. The Kents were probably plowing with mules. He would have gone to college in the Roaring Twenties and would have just turned 21 when the Crash of Twenty-Nine happened. He would have spent his entire adult life in the Great Depression watching the suffering of those around him, yet unable to do anything about it. He became a reporter for one reason only, the teletype machine and police radio of the Daily Planet newsroom was the internet of its day. The Daily Planet itself was a towering institution with the power to shape minds and influence opinions across the world.

Attempts to update Clark Kent for a modern world, always fail and he ends up defaulting back to who he will always be. A man from the generation before the Greatest Generation. The character is static in the public mind, Clark Kent will forever be a mild-mannered reporter for the Daily Planet in a world where no one trusts journalists and the newspaper is practically extinct.

However, Clark’s son, Jon Kent is a blank slate. They can do whatever they want with him and the 12 people who still buy DC Comics will accept it. That would include making him gay. The Twitter-Stans who pretend they loved I Am Not Starfire will adore them and shower them with likes if not actual money.

But more importantly, it will get DC Comics all manner of hate-clicks. And at this point, if it weren’t for hate-clicks they’d have no clicks at all.

Okay, I’m done here.

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