The Hugos Have Been Hot Garbage For A Long Time

The Hugos Have Been Hot Garbage For A Long Time

While listening to Larry Correa and Steve Diamond’s podcast The Writer Dojo, I was reminded of something that I’d forgotten about completely.

Steve Diamond was talking about his first trip to WorldCon. Also, his last. I think he’d been chumped by all of the great things Larry Niven always had to say about how great, amazing, and fantastic WorldCon always was. Possibly it was all those things in the 1970s when Larry was routinely winning Hugos for stories that wouldn’t get nominated today.

However, having met him at a con once there is the serious possibility that the reason he enjoyed WorldCon so much was that he arrived drunk and stayed drunk for the whole thing.

Regardless, Diamond quickly figured out that WorldCon was absolutely not for him but it didn’t change the fact that he had shown up for a friend of his. I think this was in 2006.

Steve: It was the year that Brandon had been nominated for the Campbell award for best new writer.

Larry: Brandon?

Steve: Brandon Sanderson.

Larry: Oh, I’d forgotten about that. Did he win?

Steve: He lost.

Larry: Who won?

Diamond: John Scalzi.

I died laughing.

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