Sad But Expected News

Sad But Expected News

The remains of genre actor Julian Sands have probably been found.

Sands was well-known for his eclectic choice of roles during the eighties and nineties. While he was in such Merchant Ivory fair as a Room with a View, he was also in art house films like Boxing Helena and Naked Lunch. But where he really made his mark was in genre titles like Warlock, Vibes (very under rated), Arachnaphobia, Tale of Vampire and Phantom of the Opera (1998).

When he aged out of leading man roles, he comfortably switched gears in supporting work in film and TV. But he rarely left the genre for long. Probably his best known role to science fiction fans after 2000 was in Stargate SG1 as all powerful cult leader Doci of the Ori.

At the time of his disappearance he had 159 acting credits and was 65 years old.

Last January he went hiking in the Mount Baldy area. He was an avid hiker and mountaineer but was reportedly caught in a surprise storm and wasn’t heard from again.

From AP:

Hikers found human remains Saturday in a Southern California mountain area where actor Julian Sands disappeared five months ago, authorities said. 

The body discovered around 10 a.m. in wilderness near Mount Baldy was transported to the coroner’s office for identification next week, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement

There are no other statements other than it will take a week to positively ID the body. There is no word about personal effects or clothing on the aforementioned remains but it seems likely that the search is over.

Sands is survived by this wife of thirty years and his three adult children.

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UPDATE: The coroner has positively identified the body as that of Julian Sands.

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