Kay Kay Deathwatch?

Kay Kay Deathwatch?

As of this writing, it is now Noon, Oct 28th, and Kathleen Kennedy’s contract extension remains unsigned by Bob Chapek.

I had recently predicted that I was quite certain she would have her contract renewed.  Now I’m not so sure.

When Bob Chapek won his battle with her over Star Wars a deal was apparently struck.  She would stop fighting him over Star Wars but in exchange, he would fast-track an Indiana Jones movie that she would have complete autonomy over.  She would remain as the President of LucasFilm until it was in the theaters. Then she would move on after having had this massive triumph.

A rumor was leaked by Doomcock that Indiana Jones and Phoebe Waller-Bridge would travel back in time to fight Nazis.  They would meet Young Indy, who would then get freaking killed. Old Indy would vanish in a puff of Butterfly Effect.  Deleting him from history completely.  Phoebe would then pick up his hat and have all of Indiana Jone’s adventure in his place.  And then going on to have further adventures on Disney Plus.

It sounded too stupid to be true.  I had blown it off too, having forgotten the second rule of SJWs.  They always double-down.

 Then, a few weeks ago some British tabloids ran a story confirming most of Doomcock’s rumors.

I missed something important here. The timing of the story.

The reaction to the leaks has massively damaged Kennedy at a moment when she is at her most vulnerable. Right before her contract would have to be renewed.

Disney has direct influence over the tabloid press.  They would run with a story Bob Chapek feeds them. 

I had thought that Chapek knew about her plans for Indy and just couldn’t do anything about them but quietly seethe.  It didn’t occur to me that he might have beeen delighted that she was building a bomb that she was going to be sitting on top of.

The fan reaction to the story was extremely negative and the institutional investors have to be furious that this idiot is once again train-wrecking her way through yet another franchise.  

Last week, Unnamed Indiana Jones Project V was pushed back a full year.  Obviously for massive retooling.  Without first announcing the signing of Kay-Kay’s new contract.

She might still get her contract extended but if it hasn’t been signed by Monday, she will no longer be the president of LucasFilm.

Okay, I’m done here.

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