Overwatch 2’s Launch is Legendary

Overwatch 2’s Launch is Legendary

Being acquired by Microserf didn’t solve all of the company’s problems?  That’s unpossible!

Overwatch 2 has a spectacular and literal failure to launch.

Honestly, I was willing to grant first-day hiccoughs.  Oh, I was going to make fun of them for it but I knew I wasn’t going to be fair about it either.  Because neither Microsoft nor Blizzard deserve fair.

But on the second day of Overwatch 2’s relaunch, I had woken up way too early with no hope of getting back to sleep before my real wake-up time.  So, I decided that just for a bitter laugh, I would login.

That was optimistic.

I had honestly thought that Blizzsoft would have the first-day bugs ironed out by the second day.

So, I login.

“In Que 40 players ahead of you.”

Okay, I kind of expected that. Slammed servers are pretty typical for a big Overwatch patch. It always happened when a new character was launched.

“In Que 20 players ahead of you.”

Make sure my mouse is on the right DPS.  Turn off YouTube. Close email.

“In Que 20000 players ahead of you.”

I should have screen capped this whole process.

I looked at my watch and figured I can give it a couple of minutes.

A few minutes pass by and it’s time to hit cancel, which I do.

“In Que 20 players ahead of you.”

It’s really not supposed to do that after you hit cancel.  And I had. I give it another minute.

“In Que 15 players ahead of you.”

I know better than to be optimistic.  I know this train is headed off a cliff; I just want to see where it flies off the tracks.

“In Que 5 players ahead of you.”




That’s the Blizzard I know and love!

Then I get kicked out entirely as the game crashes.  The Battlenet login screen comes back up and now features the kind of puzzle you only throw in to defeat DDS attacks.  Which I am guessing means that people have either set up bots to login for them or there are genuine DDS attacks going on.  Or both.

Whatever. My day has begun and it’s time to hit the rowing machine.

If it wasn’t the amusement I was looking for, it was at least amusing.

Okay, I’m done here.

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