My Apprehensions May Have Been Justified

My Apprehensions May Have Been Justified

Last week I briefly went over some of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 fundamental problems.

Well, the review embargo has been lifted and the reviews are looking very weak.

And the scores are dropping. Moreover, these are the kind of reviews where the critic says just enough good things about the movie to just qualify the review as positive, before going into all the reasons it’s a bad movie.

“Gunn does a sturdy job of synthesizing his influences and tics into something resembling a tidy narrative, or at least as tidy as franchise demands allow.”

“It’s a sweet and savory morsel of storytelling, drowning in a puddle of special-effects sauce.”

“It’s fine, but these movies have exhibited such a higher level of quality within the MCU framework, I expected something more grounded and fulfilling.”

The magic is a bit worn. The emotions and themes a little too familiar. But this team, in front of and behind the camera, fictional and in real-life, is still strong enough to deliver a still pretty entertaining and crazy space adventure film.”

“It’s hard to say if this is Gunn’s true vision to end his trilogy or felt caught up fitting his characters back it into a universe that’s now 32 films in.”

I will withhold my own judgment until I see it myself this weekend.

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