The Absolute State of Bethesda

The Absolute State of Bethesda

“Bethesda confirms Starfield’s “fully interactive and customizable sex scenes” in bizarre new interview.

“We wanted to beat modders to the punch this time,” said Todd Howard…”

Bethesda was once a rival to Blizzard when that wasn’t a bad joke. You certainly paid attention whenever they had an upcoming launch. Sure there would be bugs in the PC port but in the 00s there always were. Back then the PC Master Race was a tertiary market and was treated as such. It was a matter of “you get what you get and you don’t get upset.” That was then, although I can’t say “this is now” because with the exception of Hogwarts Legacy, all of the major AAA launches this year have been bug-riddled disasters.

I have no idea how Todd Howard survived the Fallout 76 Disaster. But now he’s promising fully customizable porn mods.

It’s going to be terrifying.

The Lovecraftian sexual body horror that is coming will put Clive Barker to shame.

Although, the inevitable Bethesda glitches will be nothing compared to the non-erotic atrocities of these mods if they actually work because it’s going to be Woke Porn. It will be a satanic mockery of human sensuality.

Seriously Todd, leave the porn mods to the porn modders, they know what they’re doing.

You don’t.

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