Arkhaven Spotlight: Invasion ’55 by Chuck Dixon

Arkhaven Spotlight: Invasion ’55 by Chuck Dixon

Invasion ’55 — Chuck Dixon’s unapologetic homage to the 50’s movies he watched on the Early Show as a kid. He describes it as ‘A real labor of love and a ball to write. Bad guys from outer space versus the US Air Force.’ What’s not to love? It also “inspired” the “surprise” ending of M. Night Shaymalan’s movie Signs. Chuck is still waiting on his check. Lito Fernandez brings a real period feel to this limited series with his Frank Robbins/ Milton Caniff inspired artwork.

Mars Attacks!

Used to happen all the time Fifties. Filthy green Commie Martians! Always coming to Earth for our…

Well, we were never quite sure why they would attack America.

But It was pretty much always America for some reason.

Maybe they liked our women better than anybody else. Not sure what set ours apart but there is no doubt their mission profiles were built around live extraction of American women for some unknown and ungodly Martian Communist reason.

No, it wasn’t that. Martians don’t have tentacles you’re thinking of Venusians.

Revolting, purple, perverted Venusians! But they wouldn’t be a problem until the 1990s and they only ever attacked Japan.

Although, it was clear what they came for.

There were several theories about why the dirty green reds would come to Earth in the Fifties.

None of them very good.

They’d clearly had the capability for an interplanetary invasion for a while.

Maybe, they hadn’t thought we were much of a threat and up until 1945, they were right.

Maybe they were watching WWII and decided if we never hesitated to do things like that to each other what would be willing to do to them?

Okay, they really weren’t wrong about that.

But they were very unattractive and had come to our planet for some reason and were clearly looking for a fight.

Yet these invaders from Mars faced a force great than the Atom.

The spirit of the American People back when America didn’t suck.

Yeah, they should have been a little more patient but they weren’t so it sucked to be them.

Invasion ’55 is a fun and frantic Arktoon well into its storyline. Its characters’ narratives are now well established and their tales of 1950s interplanetary peril and triumph are now on their way.

If you quit after it was first launched because things were moving along yet,

I assure you they are rolling hot now.

The Legend Chuck Dixon has not disappointed with Invasion ’55, if you ever watched any of the old sci-fi adventures from the age of This Island Earth you are going to love this one.

And if you do love it, please consider supporting Arktoons with a subscription.

Chuck has an additional request.

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