WandaVision: Did This Actually Get Good?

WandaVision: Did This Actually Get Good?

In the last episode we saw Wanda’s friend, “Geraldine.” Thrown out of West View and into a modern Field Joint Ops Center.  

This is the first episode where we aren’t seeing an American family sitcom from decades past.  Instead, we get our first view from the other side. 

It turns out that there is a town named West View but now anyone with a memory of it, has selective amnesia regarding everything to do with the town.  Monic Rambeau (Geraldine) is now an Agent of SWORD and has been sent to investigate the anomaly. 

She tries to send in a drone and sees the drone vanish.  Monica then goes to the place where the drone disappeared and vanishes herself.

Shortly after that, we see Katt Dennings from the Thor movies arriving at the Ops Center.  I’d look up the character’s name but there is no point.  Katt Dennings only ever plays Katt Dennings. 

Through the magic of Woman Science Brain, Katt immediately figures out how to tune into WandaVision.  You need an analog TV to do it. With tubes for preference since that makes it extra sciencey. 

So, SWORD sets about watching WandaVision and spends a montage scene getting caught up on the show.  We do find out that the people on the show are actually missing persons.  And this begins to cast Wanda in a much more sinister light.  We all knew she was creating this world but we kind of figured it was all in her mind.

This isn’t entirely the case.  She needs dolls in order to play, house.  We finally see her turning into the Scarlet Witch and throwing Agent Rambeau out of West View and frankly she should be dead.  But since she is slated to get super powers I’ll have to let that slide.

Finally, there is a horrifying scene where the animated corpse of Vision walks into their house and starts talking to Wanda. Very effective, it was a quick cut to close up.

I have to say, this is the first episode I actually enjoyed.  There is a big change of tone and mysteries are now starting to be solved and I’m pleased to say, the story isn’t quite going where I thought it was going to go.  I always appreciate that.

Okay, I’m done here.

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