Batgirl Movie Killed

Batgirl Movie Killed

It looks like this one is for real.

Warner Brother’s $70 Million Batgirl movie would appear to be shitcanned. 

This thing was already finished.  It was awaiting the release of Ezra Miller’s Flash movie to reset the DC timeline and bring Michael Keaton’s Batman into the current DC film universe’s meta, whatever the hell that is at the moment. 

It was pretty questionable from the get-go unless you were Ann Sarnoff. Batgirl is black but Commissioner Gordon is JK Simmons and Batman was Michael Keaton’s version.

What I think is intriguing here is this.  By itself, shelving Batgirl doesn’t mean much.  A bad movie that is testing terribly and won’t make back its production cost is something that happens all the time in Hollywood.  No point in throwing good money after bad.  But the important part is this.  As I reported on Friday, Ben Affleck is filming reshoots for Aquaman 2.

But Ben Affleck wasn’t ever in Aquaman 2.  

The Batman in that movie was Michael Keaton.  

At the time, most people in Hollywood assumed that Affleck was brought in due to the continuity problems created by Flash’s delay.  Flashpoint was supposed to come before Aquaman 2 and its changes would roll downhill from there.  I had my doubts about that because Affleck would have had to have signed a new contract and as I said, he wouldn’t do that for a one-and-done. 

I think Keaton is out as new (old) Batman.  Truthfully, at 70 years old, he’s a lousy choice for an actor you are going to need for the next ten years. It was always a bad idea, (no surprise if it did came from Ann Sarnoff).

If I’m right then Ben Affleck is back in as the main Dark Knight.

We will have to see.


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