I’m Finally Curious About Star Wars Again

I’m Finally Curious About Star Wars Again

What was that again Carl?

Star Wars…MULTI-VERSE???

Admittedly this might just be an old actor using what he thinks is the hip new lingo that is totes fire.

On the other hand, he does work for Jon Favereau and there may be some plans that are already being discussed openly about a post-Kennedy Star Wars.

The thing you have to remember about Disney is that they will give up nothing. No Disney owned IP will ever be completely abandoned (Song of the South excepted). So declaring the Reyloverse non-canonical isn’t possible given the mindset of Disney executives.

However, the Fox buyout has forced them to come to grips with the fact that there now a ton of Disney owned IPs they will never realistically be able to use. A Star Wars multiverse gives them a mental safe place to put Rey and company on a shelf. Not discarded. Never discarded, just temporarily up on shelf, in cold storage.

I suppose the next step is Star Wars, What If…? I can’t wait for the one where Luke goes to the Imperial Academy instead of blowing up the Deathstar just in time to save the rebellion.

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