RIP David Warner

RIP David Warner


Legendary screen villain David Warner has taken his final bow at the age of 80.

For those of you who are asking who is “David Warner?” I’ll show you:

Time After Time
Time Bandits
Cast A Deadly Spell
The Star Trek we don’t talk about.
Star Trek: The Less Embarrassing Sequel
Star Trek could not get enough of this guy
SOS Titanic
A better known Titanic
Hogfather: He did a better job with Lord Downey than Pratchett himself.

This doesn’t even begin to cover his voice work. He has over two hundred credits at IMDB but it was in the genre of science fiction and fantasy that he made his biggest mark. David Warner could always be counted on to deliver a memorable performance.

I don’t see anyone on the horizon that is going to come close to taking his place.

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