Humpday Trailer Dump – The Death by Snu-Snu Edition

Humpday Trailer Dump – The Death by Snu-Snu Edition



It’s Hulkey McBeal carrying off the guy that takes the stupidity to the next level.  

And when the hell did straight black men become the white men of black men?

At least they are being honest about what you will be getting.

The writers for this POS are some of the worst Wokites at Disney.


Hey, Alex Kurtzman finally got Star Trek right!

Oops.  Sorry.  My mistake.


Screw Hollywood.  Does anybody have something worth watching?

Well yes. Lets take a look at RRR. Ignore the app ad at the start.

It’s by the director of Bahubali so I’m totally on board.


You are looking forward to the next Disney Pirates of the Caribbean movie?

You suck!

This is what I’ll be watching when that comes out.

This is kind of sequel/remake of a Korean pirate movie from 2014. Sort of like Evil Dead II.

Okay, I’m done here.

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