Babylon Bee Banned From Twitter

Babylon Bee Banned From Twitter

It’s a hard time for any satirist.

By the time your funny idea is typed up and ready to be published the Democrats have made it a law.

It is even more difficult when Wokelings have decided you have crossed the line in the ever shifting sand and you are now banned for istaphobism.

Babylon Bee’s Twitter account has been suspended for making a joke about the woman admiral who still has a penis, that is still doing penis things.*

They are struggling to adjust from this devastating blow.

“Twitter dealt a devastating blow to The Babylon Bee yesterday after banning them from telling transgender jokes, which is one of the only two jokes they know. 

“Guys, what are we going to do?!” cried Editor-in-Chief Kyle Mann while pacing back and forth. “Those ‘man-identifies-as’ jokes represent almost all our material! We’re finished! FINISHED, I tell you!” 

The assembled writing team collectively racked their brains to try and come up with a new joke, but could only come up with jokes about youth pastors and potluck dinners, which is already their first joke.

“Come on guys, THINK!” said the Bee’s Managing Editor Griswold Dingleberry. “There’s gotta be something we can joke about! Has anyone ever made fun of airline food? What if we tell a joke about a rabbi and a priest walking into a bar? Has that been done?” 

Unlike Donald Trump, the Babylon Bee has a Gab account. I suspect they will survive this ordeal.

*Or maybe he already had it cutoff, I don’t care enough to check and if you do you’re banned.

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