Just Cancel It – Woke Snow White

Just Cancel It – Woke Snow White

Disney is trying to rip itself off again.

The very first full-length animated movie in the world was Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Walt Disney quite literally bet the house on this picture. If it had failed or even underperformed, he would have been completely ruined. But he won big and went on to found a company that he would want his name stripped off of if he could see it today.

I suppose leaving this property respectfully intact was a theoretical option. They never quite got around to making one of their godawful straight to DVD sequels for it during the DVD boom. They were planning to but it didn’t come together. Besides they were too busy squeezing every fluid ounce of blood out of Cinderella’s corpse.

But as much money as Disney made off of the DVDs, it is nothing compared to what they have bilked from the live-action remakes.

Consequently, Woke Snow White came into being. This one is definitely an Iger legacy project. It was first announced in 2016 but ran into development problems. Not a surprise, given how far to the left Iger took Disney. Some of the problems are obvious for the Woke. You have a Dwarf named Dopey for instance. They can’t just call him Mentallyimpairedey and call it good. The other problem is a title character who is named after that most horrifying of things, “White.”

They solved that problem by turning Snow White into Snow Brown and hired a LatinX (Every single Latino I know HATES that word) actress. But that left them with the problem of the dwarves. Which wasn’t a problem until Peter Dinklage decided it was.

I read what he originally said, and frankly, I don’t quite understand it because he was probably wasted again.

I hadn’t known he had that problem but I am quite willing to bow to the expertise of Gary from Nerdrotic on this subject.

Jobs for dwarves have always been hard to come by in show business. And Peter Dinklage just killed seven of them. Good job you drug-addled dick.

I don’t know what they are supposed to do about the D-word people now. I mean they could go back to original source material and rename it Snow White and Seven Kobolds but then the Prince “kissing” Snow White would give it an R rating. And since her waking up by giving birth would upset the pro-abortion crowd…

All said and done, they should just cancel it!

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