Arktoons Launches in Seven Days

Arktoons Launches in Seven Days

Today, Arkhaven Comics formally announced the upcoming launch of our new and revolutionary service; Arktoons. 

When the platform launches a week from now at, it will feature thirty-two original comics from Arkhaven Comics, Dark Legion Comics, Jon Del Arroz’s Rislandia, and the Brazilian comics powerhouse: Superprumo.

This is the biggest moment in comics for decades.

It changes how you, the reader, in a word, reads the comic book.

Anybody who has tried to use a system like Comixology’s knows how bad it is.  It loads the full page and then it TRIES to zoom in on the right panels in sequence, it rarely gets it right. Especially when you are using a smart phone, which is the system it’s supposed to be designed for. Once you are done with that page you “flip” to the next, (assuming you didn’t already do so accidentally while you were frantically tapping at your phone), and the process starts all over.

 Attempting to use these kinds of systems is simply too irritating to keep you immersed in the story. 

Arktoons changes all that.

More on this later.

The service doesn’t launch for a week, but subscriptions are available now in Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Developing fast.

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