Blogs and Ends: The Disney Downward Spiral Edition

Blogs and Ends: The Disney Downward Spiral Edition

The hits keep coming for Mickey the Great and Terrible.  Their resources are huge and their stock prices are ludicrously over-inflated but they are too far down the Woke rabbit hole to be anything other than the biggest failure in the history of American entertainment.  The only thing that has happened to Disney in the past year that wasn’t their fault is Rona-chan. Everything else that is collapsing on the House of Mouse they brought down on their own heads.

Let’s start


This has been a fairly brutal week for Bob Chapek.  Remember how Bob Iger always had that cheesy weatherman’s haircut and smile plastered on his face? Because he started off as a weatherman?  

Poor old Cheapek doesn’t have that smile, not since Iger announced, “we’ve hit an iceberg.  You’re the Captain now.” As he sailed off into one of the lifeboats.   Mostly Budget-Cut Bob looks like he has the kind of thousand-yard-stare you get from months of prolonged high-intensity combat.

The Happiest CEO on Earth!

He had to do the Q1 Investor Call this week and it was a hideous fiasco.  Once a year the Disney CEO has to open the floor to questions from the small fry investors.  The institutional investors (ie the real owners of Disney never have to bother with this), they have his home phone number and can let him know they are unhappy whenever they want.  But the Mom and Pop stockholders only get to do it once a year. And Disney has to do this.

Normally, it’s no big deal.  They may ask if Disneyland is going to reopen a favorite ride that was closed. (The answer to that is always, no, BTW). Or will Dole Whip ever be available at my local grocery store? (Also, no).  

But this year Chapek had a very unpleasant time of it.  The peasants were asking him unpleasant questions and were acting like they deserved answers just because they had a legal right to them.  Was he going to fire Kennedy and replace her with Favreau or Filoni? Why was Gina Carano fired?  Is there a blacklist?

Chapek did a terrible job with the questions.  He treated these investors like reporters.  When a reporter asks you a question it’s better not to answer it.  Just make a statement of your own regardless of the question.  Which is what Chapek did, he read pre-written statements that were only tangential replies to the questions asked.  But these weren’t reporters these are the owners of the company.

Chapek was audibly angry by the end of this session.  Clearly resenting the fact that he was required to do this.  

His inept responses to these questions was yet another unforced error on his part.

My only real regret here is that the questions were so poorly constructed.  I would happily have written questions for them that would have left Chapek no wiggle room.


Speaking of the Carano firing.

There was a new poll out this week that Daily Wire had commissioned.  And the results speak for themselves.

73% of adults believe Gina Carano was wrongly fired.

77% of adults hold a positive view of The Walt Disney Company (a low number considering Disney primarily is known for making wholesome family content).

64% opposed Disney removing Splash Mountain’s current Bre’r Rabbit theme, which is the only theme based on African American slave folklore.

61% believe Carano was fired as part of a negative “cancel culture”.

84% oppose Disney’s filming near Concentration Camps in China. The poll didn’t query about opinions on Disney thanking the governments that run said concentration camps.

47% of adults said they were less likely to engage with Disney content as a result of their bad behavior.

Given how poorly that Raya and The Last Dragon is doing compared to Tom and Jerry, I think Disney has suffered a critical level of brand damage.  Complaints about Disney in the past have generally come from a place of affection for the company.  That affection is now gone.


The EPCOT Stargate and Death Taco floats for the HarmoniUS water show have been an eye sore since they were first hauled out on to the lake like so much wrecking yard scrap metal.  

Their hideous appearances were supposed to be obscured by beautiful fountains that would run during the day.  

This week they were fired up for the first time.  And the results speak for themselves.

On a windy day this is going to leave park goers soaked.

This is the first project that the new #StoriesMatter generation of Imagineers has inflicted on an unprepared public.  They have naturally responded to all criticism with Woke sneering on Twitter.  This is the generation of vipers that Bob Chapek held to his breast and nourished during his tenure as the head of Disney Parks.  This one is completely on Budget-Cut-Bob.  It actually manages to look worse than opening day at California Adventure and that’s saying something.


The Eternals now have an official poster.

Look at it.


That. Was. Awful.

This movie has reportedly been in the can for about a year. And this is all we’ve seen of it.  No stills, no trailer, nothing. 

 It was a questionable idea to start with.  The rumor is that The Eternals was only green-lit because Kevin Feige was worried about DC launching a New Gods movie (although given their track record I don’t know why he would be worried).

But at this point it’s obvious, Marvel Studios is hiding it. They know it’s bad.  They know it’s an embarrassment.  They know it will fail if it goes into theatrical release.  And the timing couldn’t be worse for failure.  The A-Team went down in the mountains and they are having to play the big game with the prep-squad.  Marvel cannot start Phase IV with a box office bomb and they must have little doubt that The Eternals will detonate upon launch.

Marvel was way overdue for a flop but the timing couldn’t be worse, so they are keeping this deformed child locked in the attic for the foreseeable future.


Speaking of Marvel:

Heyward did nothing wrong

Seriously, what did Director Heyward do that lead to him being the one dragged off in cuffs?

I mean think about it. 

Wanda Maximoff is known to have been a member of the most long-standing terrorist entity in the history of the world.  She killed the king of Wakanda.  She is an escaped felon presumably still in fugitive status. Her sex life indicates severe mental instability (she married her sex doll for god’s sake).  And she has near godlike powers.  

This foreign national has taken an entire American town hostage and is subjecting the inhabitants to extreme mental torture.  The status of the town’s children is completely unknown.

Heyward was perfectly justified in using any means at his disposal to sanction her. I’ll grant that using her sex doll to eliminate her could be viewed as “staggeringly tactless.”  But it was very likely to get the upper hand on her via the element of surprise.  In fact, this nearly did work.

Three charges that have repeatedly been laid against Director Heyward are:

(1) He didn’t help Vision when he was trying to escape the Nexus. 

Why should he have done that? He knew that that wasn’t the real Vision.  He had the real Vision in a trunk somewhere.  The thing trying to get out of the Nexus was a construct of Wanda Maximoff’s mind.  Who knew what it was going to try and do once it was out?

(2) He shot at Wanda’s children. 

Again, these things were known at the time to be constructs of Maximoff’s mind before the shooting incident occurred.  The fact that they were dissolved shortly after this incident proves that weren’t humans, to begin with.   Also, these constructs were known to have superpowers, making them incredibly dangerous in their own right.  Again, who knew what they were going to do?

Director Heyward’s discharge of his weapon at a known inhuman threat is completely justified.

(3) He faked evidence that Wanda tried to steal Vision’s body.

Okay, this one is actually kind of serious.  It’s potentially a felony. The question here comes down to motive.  

Why did he do this?  

To make Wanda look evil?  She did that all by herself by enslaving an American town.  

The real motive was most likely to establish SWORD as the lead agency.  Clearly, the FBI was jockeying for that slot.  The use of superpowers to invade an Exclusion Area with the intent of removing Exclusion Area Materials probably would have automatically established SWORD as the lead agency, depending on how the law is written.

An agency director who knows that his people are the best for a given job will often do what he has to keep poachers out.  I know that a lot worse has been done in the real world, without consequence for the director in question.

So, what else did he do wrong?  

Apparently, the worst thing he did was not obey the orders of a SUBORDINATE when she was a Diverse Woman of Color, being Stunning and Brave.  And oh yes, Agent Rambeau was known to have been under the direct mental control of Wanda Maximoff for weeks. He would have been within security protocols to have her confined, particularly when you consider she was refusing a physical examination.

Not listening to Doctor Darcy was perfectly understandable on the grounds that she had turned into a fucking snot.

In short:

Heyward did nothing wrong!

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Comments (11)

  • EXALT Reply

    About Eternals:
    “Goes away for five minutes to try to stop himself from laughing at that poster, then comes back.”
    I’ll never get tired of repeating this: almost all of the characters were diversity-swapped somehow; first married gay couple in a superhero movie; first deaf black female superhero; IT’S GOING TO BE AWESOME TO BEHOLD. Moreover, there’s a rumour going around that Mutants will be first introduced here, which is appropriate since they were Marvel’s first overt SJW-infestation.
    About Wandavision:
    “She killed the king of Wakanda.”
    Slight mistake here: king T’Chaka was killed by Zemo; some time earlier, Wanda had killed a bunch of Wakandas, though.
    “Her sex life indicates severe mental instability (she married her sex doll for god’s sake).”
    The fact that this relationship started in the 70s shows how badly Marvel was converged, even back then – and yes, it was always portrayed as “if you’re against this, you’re a bigot”; in a show written by normal people that scene of Wanda watching Vision getting disassembled, thus having to confront the fact that he nothing more than a walking vibrator, would have been the beginning of her recovery.

    March 12, 2021 at 10:59 pm
  • Seeker Reply

    I’ve heard that the Eternals was originally greenlit because Fox owned the film rights to the X-Men at the time. Even before the Disney takeover, there was a failed push at Marvel Comics to replace the X-Men with the Eternals in the comics, mandated by Perlmutter apparently. The lack of film rights is also why the Avengers were used as Marvel’s flagship property instead of the Fantastic Four. Also, how did they make a poster that has different stylization for almost every character? Just compare the center man to the indian man behind him and the red haired girl to the left. Despite all the pandering on display here, the SJWs will still hate this poster for the obvious reason.

    March 13, 2021 at 1:47 am
    • Joe S. Walker Reply

      That group of figures was obviously not composed as a whole, but cut and pasted from separate images – very clumsily. The kid on the left looks as if her head and body come from different pics.

      March 13, 2021 at 3:54 pm
  • furor kek tonicus Reply

    LOOK AT IT!!!

    some days, i hate you.
    a – low quality artwork for a movie release poster, very flat looking. still superior to what’s in most comic books these days though. weird looking expressions on most of them
    b – why does the blue guy have a bigger bosom than the chick (?) in red on the right? i mean, it’s not like they’re refusing to portray chicks with boob racks, Selma Hayek is right behind her
    c – Gilgamesh is a Levantine ( Semitic; ie – western Asian Caucasoid ) god hero, why is he being portrayed by an east Asian Mongoloid?
    d – an immortal 12 year old? but of course, the Hellmouth needs an excuse to exercise it’s pedophilia.

    March 13, 2021 at 2:55 am
  • Bryce Reply

    Thank you…I thought I was the only one using the #HaywoodDidNothingWrong tag. He was shooting “kids” to protect his men. I will give the show big credit for one thing. Americans are going to be hating and fearing the Scarlet Witch as much as Germany hates and fears Captain America. (Seriously…He beats up their grandparents and when he shows up again, he beats up their modern troops and destroys their airport.)

    March 13, 2021 at 3:35 am
  • Joe S. Walker Reply

    ETERNALS looks like INHUMANS 2.

    March 13, 2021 at 2:02 pm
  • furor kek tonicus Reply

    Chapek did a terrible job with the questions. He treated these investors like reporters.
    sounds like he treated the investors as if they were goyim.

    March 13, 2021 at 5:01 pm
  • Thomas K Preston Reply

    So glad I didn’t watch one . . . single . . . episode of WandaVision. Been enjoying Superman & Lois instead.

    March 14, 2021 at 1:56 am
    • Sanders Reply

      Superman and Lois is as pozzed as anything else in TV that “Morrisey is a racist bigot” quote on ep 3 was very revealing. (I’ve got high sensibility for poz)

      Also most of the conflict on Superman and Lois feels very forced to me.

      March 15, 2021 at 9:54 am
  • Bonesaw Reply

    The Eternals make the Inhumans look like The Avengers.

    This genuinky looks like a fan poster made by a bunch of larpers at a convention who each strike an ‘awesome’ pose.

    It’s failure personified and captured on film.
    This may be the first of the new marvel movies I actually watch – for all the wrong reasons.

    March 14, 2021 at 5:23 am
  • Dane Reply

    Heyward lacks a bit of color and so are evil by default…

    March 15, 2021 at 6:47 pm

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