After Christmas Disney Fails

After Christmas Disney Fails

I love my in-laws. I truly do.

They are the sweetest people on Earth.

Their only failing (though it is a pronounced one) is that every TV in their house is constantly playing Fox News. And they have a LOT of TVs. They are both in the Silent Generation and Silents are actually worse than Boomers when it comes to their addiction to television. It’s definitely a generational thing. Boomers on up constantly watch TV. If they go into a hotel room the first thing any Boomer and above do is pick up the remote and start flipping channels.

They can’t help themselves. They can’t be changed and I refuse to try. So for 72 hours straight It was almost all Fox, all the time.

I learned two things.

One: Fox has a vital function to the uni-party. It acknowledges the Left’s paradigm as the only valid one. When you do that, you are letting them dictate where the battlefield will be and that always puts you better than halfway to losing any battle. (IE “Extremism in the Military needs to fought.” Accept that paradigm and the question now becomes, how extreme should we be about fighting it? Not Does extremism in the military exist at all? Which it DOESN’T!)

Second: My youngest can still get the remote away from Grandpa. So, I got to see Disney stuff instead of Fox for a few hours, which proves that it really does feel great when you stop hitting your hand with a hammer.

The first fail was the Disney Parks Christmas Parade. That is an annual Christmas Day special that Disney runs on ABC. They round up a bunch of reliable celebrities that are “popular with the kids.” Used to be the Jonas Brothers, now it’s Ariana Grande. Although, this year it was Gwen Stefani (not that it matters if it’s not Blackpink or BTS, tweener girls ain’t really interested anyway).

They always use this special as an annual infomercial for Disney Parks. And they highlight upcoming attractions. Naturally, their new ship the Disney Wish got highlighted. But the other cruise ship the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser was nowhere to be seen. Fancy that. The biggest attraction in Disney Parks, one that is due to open on March 1 and suddenly has plenty of rack space available.

And it was shadow-banned on the Disney Parks Christmas Parade special

Disney is unquestionably in panic mode over the Hyperion. The cancelations don’t mean rich people have realized that they won’t get value for money because they don’t care about that kind of money. What they don’t want to do, is waste their time on two days of enforced boredom.

Disney has sixty days to come up with a reason why anyone should spend $6000 to play lockdown Star Wars cosplay.

That was one fail.

The other fail was Encanto on Disney Plus.

It was good.

It was really good. Startlingly good. Easily better than Moana. Maybe better than Frozen. Disney may not have made this good of an animated movie since the 1990s.

And in Disney’s 2021 dumpster-fire parade, in all of their releases of all their rubbish they stuffed into the theaters, Encanto was the movie they dumped without ceremony on Disney+. It had no money spent on its marketing at all. It was out of the theaters and dumped on D+ within days before anybody had even heard of it.

And it was one the best-animated films they’d made in years.

Disney literally can’t tell the difference between gold and garbage at this point.

Okay, I’m done here.

UPDATE: Clownfish TV posted this after my article went up. The Star Wars Hotel’s cancelations are so much worse than I thought.

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