Oh For Rao’s Sake!!!

Oh For Rao’s Sake!!!

This is not a joke okay.

I am not quoting the Babylon Bee here.

This is real. This is a thing. This is happening.

(*barrel chested sigh*)

Ta-Nehisi Coates is writing J.J Abrams Superman movie for Warner Brothers.

No word or not on whether Kal-El has been race-bent.

I now know why Henry Cavel was suddenly so hellbent for leather to get a Mass Effect project off the ground.


I’ll have more on this after I stop laughing in shocked disbelief.

UPDATE: The rumor is that it’s Michael B. Jordan. So yeah, Black Superman.

SECOND UPDATE: For those who don’t know. Ta-Nehisi Coates specialty is social justice porn. He writes about his black outrage, for white audiences. The Baizou love him. But the problem is he can’t write fiction. He’s terrible at it.

Marvel Comics gave him his own title; Black Panther and the Crew.

I know that the Critical Race Cultists that hired him were quivering in anticipation of his righteous rage against all white people, like a submissive waiting for his “Mistress” to degrade and punish him. However, when she walked into her dungeon, with her skin-tight black leather cat-suit creaking, instead of selecting her whip, she sat down, lit up a cigarette, and bitched about her rent.

Black Panther and the Crew, was just Black Panther and Storm making unfunny cracker jokes and complaining about gentrification. The title lasted for three issues and was canceled.

THEN Coates remembered how to scream at white people. He got another title but it was just as bad.

I know he only got this gig because no one in Hollywood actually reads anything they buy. He’s the hotness in their circles, so he was hired without anyone looking at work.

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