Vivian James Lives!

Vivian James Lives!

Buzzfeed is making a comedy about Gamer Gate.

(sigh) No, that is not the joke.  

They are actually doing this.  When I first heard about it, I didn’t bother to report on it since I figured it was just something that was going to die in development for lack of funds.  But it would appear that this abortion is about to hit the “train is leaving the station” portion of film development.  Where the project goes from chicken tracks on a piece of paper to something you can actually watch on a screen.

It’s going to be a pile of laughable Woke retardery and by “going to be,” I mean already is.  Actor, Elliot Page is a biological woman who claims to be a man but still gets to play women and doesn’t get called out for it because the Hivemind says not to. Page has been replaced as the leading “lady” on this flick by…wait for it…Ruby Rose!  Ruby of course is a woman who looks like a man.

Apparently, Elliot had to drop out because he/him is going through a divorce right now.  Back when Elliot was Ellen, she/her was a lesbian who was in lesbians with another woman and got married.  But now Ellen is Elliot, and is a straight man, his/her wife didn’t sign on for that.  She’s out of here and who can blame she/her?

Ruby Rose on the other is simply a model turned bad actress.  She was an unintentionally hilarious comedian in Batwoman. Before that she was in Orange Is the New Black where she played a lesbian inmate, who walked around naked in the shower showing off her many, many, many tattoos.  Like any SJW she’s happy to go on at length about her mental health issues and suicide attempts in grade school.  She is very proud of her gender fluid for some reason. Ick.

It is reasonable to say that the producers of this movie are a lot more interested in sending a message than making a comedy about GamerGate.  Honestly, if they actually wanted to make a comedy, they should get our side’s input because that thing was one hell of a lot funnier from this side of the street.  Being Woke, they can’t go into what really happened, so they have to settle for making shit up.

Five Guys, A Girl and Lies

Gamer Gate didn’t really start with Zoe Quinn.

GamerGate got its start in the 1990s.  Gaming mags were taking off but had a major problem.  A typical review usually read something like, “This is a good game. I like it very much.”  There would follow two or three pages of technical prattle and that would be it. 

A lot of the editors weren’t really into gaming themselves; they were just journalists who had landed a gig with a market segment that was just taking off.  The problem they were presented with was that they could either teach gamers how to write or teach writers to play games.  They made the wrong call.

Writers could learn to play games no problem, but it would never be their passion.  Their lack of skill is so notorious that gamers frequently refer to the Easy setting as Journalist Mode.

Writers care about characters, plotting, and story structure.  They find game mechanics dull and tedious. They liked good graphics though.  They were super keen on those.

Oh and left-wing politics, so you had better have those too.

Consequently, they started reliably giving good reviews to games with a good storyline that leaned left and looked pretty.  Game devs noticed and adjusted accordingly. 

Steam’s massive success opened the door for the Indy Game Devs.  Some of those early trailblazers made out like bandits.  After the trailblazers, came the early adapters.  They were the “me too” crowd back when that phrase had a different meaning.

One of these was Zoe Quinn, who was really just a writer trying to make a few bucks with a crude text adventure called Depression Quest.  She was hardly the only one back then.  What made her notorious was a reddit post by an angry ex-boyfriend, who alleged that she had slept with several gaming journalists to get good reviews for Depression Quest.  And the post went viral.

Honestly, I can’t tell you if there was ever anything to his claims or not. What I can tell you is that everyone checked Depression Quest’s scores and discovered that it rated better than 9 out of 10 with gaming journalists and around 1 out of 10 with actual gamers.

This was taken as absolute proof of the corruption of the gaming press, by gamers.  The gaming journos themselves clearly flew into a panic because if there was one thing they did NOT want; it was outsiders taking a close look at how their industry really operates.  I strongly suspect that a sex scandal with a rather unattractive woman would have been the least of their troubles.

The gaming journos circled the wagons and called for help from their big brothers, who immediately rode to their rescue.  They looked around for an individual that could be blamed and destroyed. Or failing that, find an amenable authority figure within the gaming world could act as the official voice of the surrender.  

They also decided to portray this an assault on the virtue of a woman who was clearly pure as the driven snow.  Except that Quinn didn’t want to be in the limelight as the poster girl for slut shaming. 

Never mind, two Attention Cyclones blew into town and declared that GamerGate was all about them, even though it hadn’t been up until then.  Brianna Wu and Anita Sarkissian.  Both were more than happy to play victim, despite the fact that none of the gamers knew who these two were.  Of the two I will give Wu a sliver of credit, he could be accused of being a gamer.  Sarkissian on the other hand is an alleged grifter who notoriously couldn’t tell the difference between Fallout and Doom.

Increasingly desperate attempts to declare someone as the leader of the GamerGate movement all ended in failure. Various candidates were tried and discarded as unacceptable, uncreditable, or simply unwilling. One of the prince-candidates was none other than Arkhaven’s Vox Day who brushed aside his own nomination saying, “I am the leader of GamerGate, and so can you.” By then the Okay Boomer set was demanding that someone explain to them who the Nazis were this time.

Consequently, complaints about journalism ethics suddenly became an amorphous #AltRightPlot.  The very first of its kind.

You couldn’t say that GamerGate fell apart because it was never really together in the first place.  Its goals depended on who had the microphone at any given time.

The Anti-GamerGate faction declared victory after Intel shelled out $300 million to buy themselves the status of being Woke and completely free of Wrongthink.  Given how deeply AMD has munched its way into their market share, I guess they meant it.

Yet, the Anti-GamerGaters have clearly never really felt their that foes were vanquished. Clearly, we had only retreated to our mountain fortresses to feed, rebuild our numbers and prepare for the next assault on the Fair (also Inclusive and Diverse) Lands.

In truth they never did beat us. Largely because there never was any Republican on hand to manage our surrender.

One of the few things that the Okay Boomers were able to comprehend was that women gamers had been bullied.  White Knighting they understand instinctively. Law and Order made this the centerpiece of one of their silliest episodes in the history of that show.

Now comes 1UP, starring Ruby Rose.

“The premise involves a college student, Vivian Lee,* played by Paris Berelc, leaving the college esports team due to sexism, but then having to form her own team in order to retain her scholarship. Luckily, (Ruby Rose)’s former gaming professional, a previous victim of GamerGate, is around to assist Lee and coach the all-female group to victory against the male-dominated Varsity league. There’s positives and negatives here – Pitch Perfect is a good touchstone for a female-centric comedy about Varsity competition, and Ellen Page is generally great, but movies about videogames are far more miss than hit, and esports and GamerGate together makes difficult subject matter.”

“Are you aware that 63% of female gamers have been harassed during game play?” Is the statistic that gets quoted constantly.  

To which any real gamer answers, “wow, women are getting off light because I guarantee you 100% of men have been dragged during gameplay.”

*UPDATE: They have changed the name of Vivian. Someone explained things to the Okay Boomer in charge.

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