I Don’t Owe Them a Chance

I Don’t Owe Them a Chance

What little patience I ever had with Ya Boi Zack is exhausted.  He used to be a reasonably good source for keeping up with everything wrong with the comic book world.  He was always a Gamma but lately, he’s been cucking out completely.  He only attacks people on the Right for pursuing the culture war.  

Never the Left.  He’s pretending that executives at Woke corporations like Disney, don’t care about fans criticizing their propagantastic entertainment products.  That it is the Right that is just too political.

Uh-huh, they don’t care at all.

Zach is firmly of the opinion that Picard season 3 has earned being given a chance on the grounds that they are at least half-assing it now. 

Even after six years of Kurtzman Trek’s abusive Woke fail. 


If your wife suddenly packed her bags and left for India to pursue her own self-fulfillment, plus have an affair with a man young enough to be her son, abandoning you and your children as well as taking out a second mortgage on the house to finance her new life affirmations.  Then she suddenly walks in the back door years later carrying groceries saying she’ll have dinner ready at the usual time like nothing happened. No, you would not owe her a second chance, or indeed anything else at all.  It doesn’t matter how many good years you had together or how many good memories of her there are.  

She shattered the relationship. Consequently, it no longer exists. 

When I was a kid, I absolutely loved Star Trek.  I was an Advocate, my juvenile identity was tied to it. I was one of those people who had pretty much memorized all 72 hours of the original episodes and could probably have chanted along with it.  It took a while to get into Next Generation, but I eventually did.  I also enjoyed Deep Space Nine.  The fires admittedly cooled quite a bit with Voyager.  I did start watching again on the regular when Seven of Nine joined the cast and not just because I was stationed on Okinawa and had been womanless for some time. I had hoped that Enterprise would be more than it was.  Unfortunately, whatever hopes there were for something good were crushed by a flurry of notes from the studio demanding the show return to a formula that had become exceptionally formulaic after 17 years.  I wasn’t even watching it anymore when it got canceled. 

I was uneasy with Star Trek (2009).  It had problems, but I was willing to grant it a little leeway, because a reboot probably needed to stress action.  I was hoping the next would be closer to the mark.

Not the first time I was wrong.

It was the start of a toboggan ride off the side of a cliff.

Star Trek was another victim of Bad Reboot’s school of franchise piracy.  Identify a franchise on the verge of reboot, use JJ’s relationships to gain entry and then metastasize it into a Woke abomination that was committed to spreading Woke ideology.

Paramount continued to support Alex Kurtzman despite years of toxic fan relations, expensive shows with non-existent ratings. Budgets that went to renting out studio space that got rented to other productions, rather than making the actual show.  These massive failures got Kurtzman a cushy big title and a huge raise.  This despite the fact that various executives were going on and on about how important the Star Trek franchise was.

Yes, the franchise was important for normalizing Woke dogma. At the end of the day, that is the only reason Kurtzman, Kathleen Kennedy and all the rest still have their jobs despite billions burnt on the altar of Streaming Ba’al.  It was the only thing they were competent at.  That means it was their only real job so far as the institutional investors were concerned. The fact that they have been rewarded and promoted throughout the past ten years is proof enough of it.

I will not be reviewing Picard season three no matter how good it supposedly gets because I absolutely won’t watch it.

The relationship is shattered.

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