The Blip (Part Two)

The Blip (Part Two)

One of my commenters just made me realize that Medium Bob had nothing to worry about.

At least in the short term.

Earth wouldn’t have been anywhere near where it was when Thanos did the Snap.

Which means when the Blip happened:

Nova Corps Star Blaster Patrol near Earth space

Centurion Fayne Ko-Rei: Holy shit! Did you see that?!?

Centurion Kaseem Pio:  Four billion humanoids just zapped into exitance! 

Centurion Fayne Ko-Rei (gasping in horror): They screamed out their lungs and froze into icebergs.   I’m gonna be sick.

Centurion Kaseem Pio (shocked disbelief):  News from Xandar…

Centurion Fayne Ko-Rei (worried):  What is it?

Centurion Kaseem Pio: It’s happening everywhere Ko.  Everywhere in the entire universe.  Everyone who vanished five cycles ago just reappeared in the middle of cold, empty dead space.

On Xandar.

Adora:  So, we are agreed.

Skrull Ambassador (lips bared in anger): Without question.

Kree Ambassador (controlled fury): This race is too dangerous to be left in existence.

Skrull Ambassador: At least Thanos was merciful.  These monsters just tortured to death those we had thought safely in the Warm Lands.  My species can take hours to die in space depending on what we morph into.

Adora (rises in unswayable resolution): Genocide is authorized.  Earth is to be burned to ashes.  It’s the only way to be sure...

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