The LucasFilm Civil War is Over

The LucasFilm Civil War is Over

And Star Wars lost.

The abrupt and extremely petulant firing of Gina Carano from LucasFilm has made abundantly clear that the Return of Luke meant absolutely nothing.  

Any good warm fuzzies that came from that were strictly the result of fan projection.  There undoubtedly are people at LucasFilm that aren’t happy to see their life’s work thrown into a raging dumpster fire.  But they are not going to be able to do anything about it. 

These people are the holdovers from George Lucas’ day and Lucas was a Gamma Boss.  There is no way in hell he kept around anyone who threatened his delusion bubble.  Any “old hands” at LucasFilm who don’t like the way things are going are fundamentally the kind of people that feel that “the first nail that pops up, is the first that is hammered down.”  Because that is how George Lucas ran his business.  If there was any kind of problem between the boss’ opinion and naked reality, then it was reality that always had it wrong because George couldn’t be.  That was the kind of company he handed over to Kathleen Kennedy.

The firing of her most popular (human) character over tweets that SJWs disliked shows where the company’s priorities are and always will be.  And it’s not like Gina Carano is some raging Far-Right firebrand.  I am quite certain that if she was asked about the Dark Herald (assuming she knew of my existence) I’m sure her response would be something like, “Oh God, not him!”  Her posts were only vaguely Right-wing in nature.  Although, that was enough to get her run out of Hollywood on a rail.  

Her agent dumped her, her publicist quit and Amazon stopped selling Cara Dune action figures.  Which made Hasbro stop production on Cara Dune action figures and if Hasbro isn’t completely Woke that must have had them pulling out their own teeth in impotent rage at Disney. Because apart from Baby Yoda, she is the only Star Wars figure that has had significant sales in years.

Now, I understand there is going to be a certain number of people who can’t understand it.  Why are the goblins at Lucasfilm so determined to cut their own throats? I mean, it has to be obvious at this point isn’t it? The Reylo trilogy was an utter disaster and by any reasonable standard, the high Republic is an abject failure.  If they are going to keep their jobs, they need to assure that their company is healthy, and to do that they need to have products people will pay money for.  Making Star Wars fans happy and engaged is in their own self-interest. LucasFilm needs to be profitable right?  Right?

Oh, that is so adorable.

At this point, LucasFilm has settled comfortably into the model of corporate parasitism. And the uber-Woke senior executives at Disney are delighted to be fed upon by the incompetent.  

You have to remember an SJW infestation is a convergence of grasshopper-people.  

They create nothing, preserve nothing and leave nothing behind.  

When grasshoppers have finished devasting and devouring a once productive ant colony, do they sit around trying to rebuild it?  After all, that would be in their self-interest wouldn’t it?  To have a healthy ant colony that they could regularly harvest makes more sense than destroying it.  But no, grasshoppers are grasshoppers, they destroy and move on to the next target.   The Woke are no different.  When LucasFilm collapses under its own weight due to their undermining they will move on to another property and begin the process all over again.  Unconcerned by lessons of failure because they are fundamentally unable to face the lessons of their own mistakes.

So what is the future of Star Wars?  Well, it doesn’t have one.  

Kathleen Kennedy remains in charge because (and this is crucial), Woke Disney wants her in charge. Let’s, be clear about something else, there is NO plan in place to walk back the Reylo trilogy.  No retcon in the making.  Hobo-Luke swilling testicle-boob-monster milk is still the official future.  The grasshopper-people at LucasFilm are utterly committed to it.  They couldn’t care in the least that it will lead to the franchise’s destruction.  

They would much rather have Star Wars dead than lose an inch of ground in culture war.

I have said before that the Last Jedi wasn’t the worst fight.  It wasn’t the biggest fight.  It was just the last fight. It was the break-up fight.  The one where you walk away from the relationship because you just don’t care anymore.

If that was the breakup fight then the Return of Luke was the one-night-stand with the Ex.  You got together to discuss some unfinished business and for a single evening, you thought the magic was there again.  But the next morning your Ex was doing the same stuff that caused the break-up in the first place. Nothing had changed

And nothing will change with Star Wars.

Well one thing has changed, Rian Johnson is still claiming he is going to get his own trilogy and now there is nothing I want more from Star Wars than for that to be true.

I could feast on that hilarious incompetence for years.

Okay, I’m done here.

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