Disney’s The Little Merman Had A Big Surprise

Disney’s The Little Merman Had A Big Surprise

So yeah, there was a porn star in Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

Dante Ferrari has an apparently extensive catalog in the gay porn industry. I say, apparently, becasue I am absolutely taking the internet’s word for this without confirming it myself. I’m willing to believe that in this case I can trust Google’s all seeing eye. Poor journalistic practice but I am poor journalist, and I like it that way. He seems to have done well in his calling to the tune of 1,000 Euros a day for his… Okay, we’ll just say work.

Dante Ferrari, was one of the background merman, he was something above an extra but did not have any dialog or even a name. And yet Ferrari, as he has allegedly done in the past, made his impact deeply felt on this production.

Some of his more ardent fans recognized him on the screen and tagged him… On Instagram.*

Dante, replied by posting pictures from the production on his Instagram. Taging Disney and captioning the pics, “Lifetime memories made with lifetime friends.”

You can not make this shit up.

I was willing to take an arms length look at his Instagram page.

Except it’s completely nuked. It’s gone.

Well, I needed a laugh. Thanks Disney!

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*Honestly folks, I’ve been erasing the worst of my jokes before publsihing this. On my old blog this would have been so much worse.

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