Arkhaven’s Jon Del Arroz BANNED on Kickstarter and Indiegogo

Arkhaven’s Jon Del Arroz BANNED on Kickstarter and Indiegogo

Arkhaven writer Jon Del Arroz’s new parody comic has been banned on Kickstarter and (apparently) shadow-banned on Indiegogo.

Why you may ask? Well, you may ask all you like but they sure as hell aren’t going to tell you.

During the lockdown, Kickstarter was so strapped for cash that it did the unthinkable and parted with people like Camilla Zhang.

Kickstarter actually reached out to the SJWs at DC Comics to help them gatekeep wrong think and boy did DC deliver in the form of Camilla Zhang.  One look at her and you know exactly why she was hired.” 

I was shocked to my toenails when she was shitcanned. However, Kickstarter survived the lockdown and was able to begin pursuing their mission of keeping people off of Kickstarter again.

Meet this thing, Bryce Gold.

The soy is actually squirting out of the keyboard just from him being on the screen.

He is five times the Camilla Zhang that Camilla Zhang ever was and has set out to prove it.

Kickstarter had been reasonably open-minded for a while but that came crashing to an end when the soy-god of comics set up shop. One of the first comics shot down was Arkhaven’s Hans G. Schantz’s Wise at Heart. But others have followed in his wake.

Most recently our own Jon Del Arroz has been nuked for his parody comic Top Grift.

I’m not sure what Kickstarter’s objection is and I’m not sure they know themselves other than Jon wrote it.

It’s always possible that Andrew Tate had objections, his principal one was probably, “Parody?!? That’s my real life!!”

For those blessedly unfamiliar with Andrew Tate, he’s a half-black, half-white, half-American, half-English, half-Christian, half-Muslim former kickboxer and now Space Jesus to incels that are hoping to stop being incels through the courses he sells from his Hustler’s University. His combined income from kickboxing in England, a webcam studio where the girls sold fake sob stories to simps, and selling Game courses to simps has been valued by totally not fake sources at amounts as high as $900 million. A number that’s just too retarded to be fake.

One of his latest ventures is Top G Comics. He can probably buy another super yacht with this newest business.

His new Top G comic book priced at… Holy shit! $97 a copy, is a direct mail order book sure to be worth millions someday. Because hyperinflation is going to render the dollar worthless.

In response to this Jon Del Arroz launched his own, much more reasonably priced Top Grift parody. Making the original look sillier than it already is a formidable task but Jon seems up to the challenge.

For that matter, he is also up to the challenge of being openly banned by Kickstarter as well as being softbanned by Indiegogo.

Fund My Comic on the other hand has agreed to host Jon’s crowd funder.

This is where you come in. Pony up cheapskates. Make a difference in comics today

TopD out!


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