It’s Worse Than I Thought – Lightyear

It’s Worse Than I Thought – Lightyear

You weren’t planning to see it anyway and you are right to avoid it.

This film is a Pedomouse spectacular. Lightyear is a product of Reimagine Tomorrow. The lesbian kiss was the least of it.

The entire film is centered around the lesbian relationship. In fact the lesbians get pregnant. So, forget about awkward questions from your seven year old about two women in love. Pedomouse wants you to have discussions about how two women can get each other knocked up. That is the family conversation Disney/Pixar is pushing with Lightyear.

Then there are the values this film is pushing like a bulldozer:

Let’s just say that Lightyear does not deal in subtle messages. Instead, it has a mission to convince you that meritocracy is bad, masculinity and instinctual decisions are wrong, and we all need to accept each other as we are with all of our flaws rather than to see the potential in each person. It dives into those themes with the nuance of a caffeinated kid with a baseball bat swinging for a pinata.

In order to prove to you that you must accept others with all of their flaws, and that merit is wrong, Buzz Lightyear is stuck with three of the most annoying, incompetent characters I have ever witnessed on any movie screen. When they appear, and they are there much or most of the time, I could not help but understand exactly why Buzz wants away from them. They are infantile and imbecilic. Buzz already accepts that he is not the best Space Ranger. And in this movie he already takes the blame for events that seem totally out of his control for which he is not guilty. But that is not enough. This Buzz Lightyear must lower himself to a group that is wholly inadequate for the mission at hand, rather than being a noble leader. And when the movie is over, the final lesson is that failure is okay.”

Lightyear’s budget was $200 million. It is currently tracking at $70 to $80 million for the opening weekend. Given how long it was on the shelf and how many countries won’t be showing it, this film has to gross at least $500 million to make breakeven. The Dark Herald predicts with confidence that Lightyear will fall off a cliff next weekend and the weekend after that, Minions: The Rise of Gru will kill it off completely.

Pixar has reached the final stage of SJW Convergence. It is no longer capable of carrying out it’s core functions.

Disney just announced that no one in California will be relocated until 2026. Four years is such a long period of time, I’m beginning to consider the possibility that Chapek has no plans to move anyone at all.

Because they aren’t going to be working for Disney anymore.

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