Hiyao Miyazaki Comes Roaring Back

Hiyao Miyazaki Comes Roaring Back

The legendary creator of Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro, had announced his retirement after the release of The Wind Rises.

Truthfully as soon as he announced he was hanging up his paint brushes his fans started the timer. They couldn’t believe he could walk away for good.

However it was looking like he was serious. The Wind Rises was released in 2013 and it didn’t look like he was changing his mind. Which was a pity because while The Wind Rises was a good movie it wasn’t good Miyazaki movie. It just didn’t feel right that this somewhat politically driven film was going to be his swan song.

But then he got approached by his own museum to make a short film for it. Boro the Caterpillar.

This short got the creative juices flowing again and he started storyboarding a new movie. The title is based on a Japanese novel from 1937 but this isn’t that. It’s a wholly original work and looks to be Miyazaki’s best since Spirited Away, which I didn’t think was possible.

It feels a little bit like Wright’s Swan Knight.

Anyway, it releases in December and I’m totally in.

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