Blogs and Ends: The Blake Overkill Edition

Blogs and Ends: The Blake Overkill Edition


Is it really stolen honor if no one believes you for second?

Look armchair Medal of Honor winners, the internet is a thing now. Just googling a little isn’t going to remotely sell you as a super ninja Green Beret SEAL in 2023.

“Trained sniper, military style…” Even a cook, regardless of service would never have phrased it like that.

Also, the whole disassembling and reassembling blindfolded thing doesn’t happen. It’s bullshit. Any DI who tried to have his platoon do that would end up tap dancing in front of his company commander for having a platoon with thirty unserviceable M-4s because as Larry pointed out, half the recruits lost the pins while blindfolded.


Ready for some Godzilla?

You suck bad if you don’t.

Especially as I have a twofer for you today.

Toho Studio’s got something kind of interesting coming out. Godzilla Minus One.

It’s kind of a remake of the very first Godjira movie. This one takes place in post-war Japan and appears to be playing it straight. You’ve sold me Toho, I’m all in.

I also have Apple’s Godzilla series trailer for you. No, I didn’t make that up. This project started life for HBOmax, but Zaslav decided there was more money to be made by selling it to Apple and Lion’s Gate was cool with the idea.

Which is how we have Monarch: Legacy of Monsters coming to Apple TV. It takes place in that weird kaiju environmentalist movieverse that Warner Brothers has been trying to make a thing for the past ten years. In fairness, they finally hit paydirt with Godzilla versus King Kong.

Kong doesn’t appear to be in this one but I don’t know that for certain.


Blake Overkill?

Why the freaking hell is Apogee bundling Turbo Overkill (which is great, but is fuck almighty long) with Blake Stone?

There’s not that many people who have any idea who the hell Blake Stone was anymore.

Blake Stone was a Wolfenstein 2.1d era FPS. It definitely took Wolfenstein 3D’s engine to the next level. Blake Stone was basically a space opera James Bond. He was a British space spy shooting up a Bond villain’s minions on a space station. That was the entire setup. The game had light switches that worked and NPCs that interacted with you. Which in Wolfenstien’s day was some next-level stuff.

It was awesome in its day. That day was Monday, on Friday DOOM was released, which buried it completely.

I’m going to do a Harddrive-by on Turbo Overkill assuming I ever finish it and I don’t know if I will because as I said it is l-o-o-o-o-n-n-g.

I don’t normally do this but if you have a problem with seizures don’t watch this trailer.

With the boom in Boomer Shooters going on, I’m kind of wondering if Apogee is testing the waters on a Blake Stone reboot.

I’m here for it if it is.


This is very annoying. I had assumed, not without good reason, that Netflix’s One Piece was going to be so bad it would be long gone before I would be expected to review it.

It looks like it isn’t going to be that bad at all.

This is a real problem for me because I have avoided getting into the anime version One Piece. Yeah, I heard good things about it but I also heard you had to wait until episode 56 before it was worth watching.

Also, it’s so popular that Netflix server keeps crashing.

I’ll try to get it to soon.


Robert Heinlein’s Red Planet.

I didn’t even know this existed.

But now you do.

Okay, I’m done here.

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