Comicon Announcements

Comicon Announcements

This makes me so tired.

Here’s a shock, there weren’t any that I cared about in the least.


Marvel Phase V was announced and clearly, Feige sees no reason at all to make a course correction.  Or possibly he did and discovered the rudder has rusted into place.

Regardless, Marvel is staying on the Woke Wagon. They can’t change how they do business at Marvel Studios.  They just can’t. Truth be told if they just adjust their budget downward they can still keep making pablum for normies for a while.  The trend is downward but so long as they accept the fact that routinely breaking a billion dollars at the box office isn’t going to happen anymore they can stay in business without changing how they do business.

However, this is the trailer for Wakanda Forever:

Are you “excited for next product” now?  You have to be.  You saw a Marvel trailer.

That isn’t just garbage, it’s expensive garbage. They can’t accept the fact that they are never going to be what they were again.  There was a base of Marvel comic book fans that loved the original characters.  The actors were engaging, and the stories weren’t preachy.  There was a softshell main plot with the Infinity Stones.  That was what built Marvel’s incrediable success.

Those fans are gone now and Feige hired, then over-promoted too many people like Victoria Alonso, who turned around, hired and promoted too many people like themselves.  Marvel is an SJW convergence zone riddled with Wokeites.  It can no longer fullfill its primary function.

Chapek for his part will make no effort to change things at Marvel for now.  I’ve figured out how he works.  He lets his opponents use their own energy against themselves.  He lets them overcommit to the pursuit of failure even if that means his company will take an amount of damage in the short term that he views as acceptable.

Chapek is now letting Feige do what he wants knowing full well that it is going to take the sheen of “Marvel’s Golden Boy Genius” off of him.  Leaving in its place the image of “Kevin the One Trick Pony.” The first Kevin he can’t touch but the second he can show the door and replace with a turnaround Marvel Chairman.


Not a lot was announced here because David Zaslav hasn’t figured out who all needs to die yet.

Although there was one semi-official declaration:

Warner Brothers will not be bringing back the Snyderverse.  Or at least they will not be bringing back Zack Snyder.  

I know Snyderverse fans won’t be happy about this but the truth is, Zack Snyder’s casting decisions have been the source of the two biggest headaches Warner Brother’s CEO David Zaslav now has.  There were reports that you could hear Zaslav screaming in outrage when he heard of Ezra Miller’s last public meltdown. Snyder is the guy who hired Miller and Amber Heard. There was no way he would give Snyder another chance after that.

The truth about Zack Snyder is that he is director that can create memorable visuals but doesn’t know the first thing about story structure and he can’t get a good performance out of his actors to save his life, (silly performances yes).  

Snyder started out directing music videos, which has been a feeder for new directors since the *1980s.  But the music video directors who are going to be picked up, do so after about two years.  Snyder was still directing music videos after ten years.  He was still trying to break into the big time but so far as Hollywood was concerned he was past his sell-by date. ‘If it was going to happen for him, it should have happened by now,’ was the general view. Then the Dawn of the Dead remake came along, and getting that job was mostly luck.  Three different directors had had to drop out, Snyder was a very last minute emergency choice that pleased no one.  

Still, he did alright with that flick.  It was something on the resume. Then Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City blew up big.  It was close enough to a music video that when Zack Snyder made his own pitch to Frank Miller about one of his other indie comics, Miller said, sure.  

300 was not supposed to do what it did. It was an April release which is traditionally a pretty cold month but it had warmed up enough that first weekend, that going out seemed like a good idea.  And the film’s screenwriters had worked in some anti-Jihadi themes that Snyder missed completely. Consequently, right wing audiences turned out for it big time.  It was only pro-hawk movie that was released during the Iraq War.

Whether he wanted to be one or not, Zack Snyder was now a comic book director.  But Snyder is absolutely not a comic book guy.  He didn’t want to make a Superman movie he wanted to deconstruct him, which he was very explicit about.  And it was what he proceeded to do over the course of three movies.  He doesn’t get or like heroism at all.  He wants to tear it down. He wants to, “rape Batman in prison.” That is a direct quote. 

Regardless, the Snyderverse is now officially killed.

Not a surprise, given that Variety published what had every indication of being a commissioned hit piece targeting Snyder the week before Comicon. The thrust of the article was that the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut fans were mostly bots.  Not entirely true but not a total lie either and it doesn’t matter now since he blew up half of his own fanbase when Snyder went on Friday Night Tights and denounced both his fans and the people who run Friday Night Tights within seconds of starting his feed.

The only sad part is this means Henry Cavil is out as Superman.  The reason they didn’t show his face in Peacemaker is that Cavil no longer has a contract with DC.  Since I can’t think of anyone who can do a decent job with Superman in 2022, both he and I are better off letting that hope die.

Okay, I’m done here.

*The old feeder was directing porn.  And frankly, it produced better directors.  Aside from solving really tricky lighting problems, they had to learn how to get a good performance out of incredibly bad actors.

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